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Reports & Dashboards For Salesforce Lightning Experience

First of all the question arises why do we need Reports & Dashboards In Salesforce for business purposes.There are various reasons from which I’m going to show you some of them i.e.there are various questions arises when you are doing business like as follows:

  • Which products are in the top category?
  • Which form of campaigning is the most successful till now?

Like these there are certain questions in mind and according to those questions we write requirements and then map these requirements with criteria mentioned in the report.

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What Is A Report?

A report is a list of records(like accounts or contacts) which must meet the criteria you defined in that.

Various things you can do on report is filter, Group and math on records.

There are benefits of using Report because it is stored in a folder.

Report folders determine who can access the report because they can be shared in public, hidden or shared.

You have the power to give access to organizations or it can be private at individual levels.

What Is A Dashboard?

A dashboard is a displaying records in virtual form.There is a relation between a dashboard component and report in the form of ration i.e.1:1. It means for each dashboard component there has to be a single report.

Similar to reports, we have dashboards stored in folders, which determines who can access the dashboard.

There are Dynamic dashboards which are useful for users who are always logged in.

What Is A Report Type?

We need something which determines which fields and records are available for use when making reports and i.e. Report Type.

It is generally based on the relationship between main object and object related to it.

How To Use The Report Builder?

When you want to make a report in Salesforce, the criteria you enter is basically a question, you want to ask and if you want to ask the question you do not have to know how to speak the question in database language.This is a good point in Salesforce where you just have to ask a question through a point and click.

There is a point to be noted that you cannot edit standard report types.

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How To Use Filters?

When you create a report sometimes the kind of data on which you are making a report needs to get more specific for which Filters are used to filter the data.

How To Use Report Formats?

First of all you need to know there are three types of report formats available i.e. Tabular, Summary and Matrix.Out of which most popularly used is Tabular Format.

Tabular Reports as the name indicates consists of an ordered set of fields in columns corresponding to its matching record listed in a row.

Summary Reports having almost similar features to Tabular Reports in addition to grouping and creating charts.

Lastly, If you want to group records both by row and columns then you can use Matrix Reports.

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