Choosing a Salesforce Consultant

Tips On How To Choose The Best Among The Salesforce Consulting Companies

Do you wish to deliver unparalleled customer services which can constantly increase your business bottom line? This is one thing that you can achieve only when you have the right Salesforce Consulting Company as your partner in your Salesforce journey. With a Salesforce Consulting Company, you can build your apps faster, market and sell your products sooner, follow up with your clients better. Transform your infrastructural needs, automate regular processes and upgrade and migrate to the cloud. All this can be easily envisioned and fulfilled with one perfect Salesforce Consulting Company. Now the question is how would you know that the Salesforce Consulting Company that you are choosing is appropriate for you? How will you choose the best among the various Salesforce Consulting Companies? Don’t worry about that because we are here to guide you for that.


Essential Roles That the Salesforce Consulting Company Should Fulfil

There are a few roles that a good Salesforce Consulting Company necessarily needs to fulfill in order to satisfy all the demands and challenges of a working organization and they are-

Salesforce Administrator

A Salesforce Administrator is a business pioneer, significantly qualified and learned about how their association functions, intertwined in the business of making all the divisions equally productive through process automation, and in this way, they try to keep up a smooth and lean business workflow. A Salesforce Administrator strives to battle wastefulness and champion profitability.

Salesforce Developer

A Salesforce developer is someone who has a top to the bottom comprehension of Salesforce and its myriad opportunities. He does not really need to work with the organization specifically, however, can be those experts who construct Salesforce applications over the different PaaS platforms. This field is specified for the minds that are great at coding. The engineer can make the cloud-based application with the assistance of stage.

Salesforce Implementation Expert

Salesforce Implementation Expert additionally recognized as Sales or Service Cloud Consultants is a major part of the Salesforce related errands which needs you to have the capacity to comprehend prerequisites, make inquiries, do an investigation, also to outline and send arrangements that help to end user's business forms utilizing Salesforce. A Salesforce Implementation Expert ought to have profound industry ability and specific Sales or Service Cloud product information.

Salesforce Technical Architect

A Salesforce Technical Expert is the individual who comprehends the business prerequisites and makes an interpretation of these into specialized arrangements in light of the packed platform. He outlines and makes the basic information structure and information streams to help the application construction within the system. He is additionally in charge of outlining and building web and portable interfaces on the platform utilizing Visualforce, Apex and other accessible instruments.

Questions That You Need To Ask Before You Settle On a Salesforce Consulting Company

Here is a comprehensive list of a few questions that you should necessarily ask or deliberate upon before choosing a Salesforce Consulting Company-

Is their team certified?

A Salesforce affirmation is the least demanding approach to approve that your specialist has the Salesforce learning and experience important to deal with your execution. It is additionally an extraordinary method to ensure that the individual is up to the mark with the latest Salesforce discharges. Three times each year (winter, spring, and summer), Salesforce discharges new frameworks and as per these updates, every single affirmed proficient is required to keep up their accreditation by taking a maintenance exam every release cycle.

What is their previous experience?

Look up for the previous projects that they have handled and see the similarity between those projects to the ones that you want the company to handle for you. Look up for their reviews which should not be a problem as they would be written on their website usually. Do not follow the reviews blindly try to get in touch with someone who has previously experienced their services.

What is their implementation methodology?

When you are hoping to contract the best Salesforce Consulting Company, it is critical you comprehend your accomplice's usage approach. Agile-based incremental conveyance is the best practice as it represents stages and cycles, which help guarantee that your undertaking keeps up with time and remain within the budget planned. This approach likewise guarantees a high-level of a joint effort between your teams and the Salesforce Company which frequently yields better outcomes.

What are their after-services support facilities?

Before you sign on with a Salesforce Company, converse with them about what happens after their project is finished – by what means will they bolster your business advancing? It's best to work with an accomplice who keeps a laser focus around continuous Salesforce updates so your association can remain on the incremental curve.

What is their pricing technique?

Pricing is one thing you need to settle in the very first instance. Every company has its own way of functioning and you need to see if it meets your convenience. Make sure you are clear on the mode of payments, time of payments, the pattern of payments etc. ask about any extra fees, every minute detail if it is a package that you are availing etc.

What is their Location?

Location plays an important role while choosing your Salesforce Consultation Company simply because you never know what you may need. You would definitely not want a consultant company sitting miles away from your location. This is because of two reasons- it causes timing issues due to the different time zones of the world and secondly works culture differs from part to part.

Attributes of a Good Salesforce Consulting Company

There are obviously some distinguishing qualities that set an amazing company apart from the others of the similar nature. Here is a list of a few of them-


Well-rounded expertise

A good company will always have a well-rounded expertise because they do not want to fall short in any area of the consulting. Not only do they possess good technical knack, they also have a good way of dealing with you. Their credibility will surely reflect on their behaviors towards you.


This specific quality can be difficult to measure, yet it merits considering. As Salesforce is an integral and basic part of your business, you and your colleagues will invest extensive energy working with it and with the experts you at last pick. You need to ensure you're working with an organization that has a group of energetic people who are driven about innovation and about your prosperity.

Knows Coding

Many people believe that Salesforce is all about click or codes, let me clear the misconception for you. It is Click and Codes. Come what may, there are certain things that you can make work only if you have a good coding backing too. You cannot engage a company that is oblivious to this fact.  There are 80% of the things that can easily be managed on clicks but you need coding to manage the remaining 20% of it.

Always Approachable

A good company is always approachable by its clients. They never make excuses of time paucity or any other fathomable issue. You have something to convey, they listen and guide. They are always ears to you and that is what helps you in trusting them with your projects.


Choosing that one goldfish from a pond full of similar looking fishes can be a huge task, but I hope that after reading everything above, you have some clarity of thought in your mind. It can be a big decision for your business set up so do not rush with it. Take your time, do your research and then decide.

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