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Canada, the United States, England, Ireland, Mexico, etc. are a few countries that grandly celebrate Halloween. The holiday of Halloween holds special importance in the lives of people. 

Thus, businesses can't afford to miss out on adding more value to their customers during this holiday. After all, customer relationships are of utmost importance to any business.

The stronger bond you share with your audiences, the more business you get in the long term. 

Thus, business ventures need a reliable solution to connect with audiences conveniently and reliably. 

This is where texting fits the bill. And when it comes to texting, the 360 SMS app is unmatched by all texting solutions.

It comes with countless advanced capabilities that help you redefine business communications and interact with audiences meaningfully. 

Here's how you can run an SMS marketing campaign this Halloween using the 360 SMS app.

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360 SMS Drip Campaigns 

An SMS drip campaign is a capability of the 360 SMS that enables you to run effective campaigns and drive more conversions. 

Using this capability, you can schedule a series of text messages at different intervals. 

You can schedule messages either by deciding a specific date and time or by using an offset field by the number of days, hours, or minutes. 

You can even schedule messages on different channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, etc. while running a single drip campaign

Even you can send emails in a single drip campaign. This way, you can run multi-channel drip campaigns for more engagement this Halloween using the 360 SMS app.

How to use 360 SMS App for Halloween Marketing Campaign


You can start your drip campaigns by scheduling or sending a simple greeting on Halloween. 

Sending greetings on festivals and holidays is one of the best ways to nurture your bond with your customers. So, you can send a simple wish on Halloween. 

Besides, you can sweeten the deal by offering freebies or discounts.


After sending wishes on Halloween, you can add one discount text in the series of drip campaign text messages. 

You can schedule this text message on a different channel to add some variation to your drip campaign. 

Apart from a discount, you can offer an additional discount to sweeten the Halloween deal and compel customers to make purchases.

Follow up

Once you've offered a discount on the Halloween holiday, the next text you can send is a follow-up text to check if customers have availed of the discount or not. 

You can create a sense of urgency in your text message, by mentioning the offer's validity. 

This would help you drive more sales during the Halloween season.

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At last, you can schedule reminder texts. With reminders, you can remind your clients about Halloween deals and discounts. 

You can reminder text two-three days before it ends. Or even two or three hours before the discount or deal expires.


The more you engage with our audiences, the more deals you close. The 360 SMS app is a native texting solution that helps you run effective campaigns. You can target audiences on different channels without running multiple campaigns. Also, you have complete freedom to send out texts the way you want, as you can schedule messages on your own conditions and criteria. Thus, you can run effective Halloween campaigns using the 360 SMS app and strengthen your bond.


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