Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connect Complete Setup in Lightning

Credits : Cameron Robert

Cameron Robert demonstrates a complete end-to-end setup of Marketing Cloud Connect in Lightning view.
Marketing Cloud Connect creates an integration between Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Marketing Cloud for synchronizing data and performing engagement activities.

Key Moments:

Introduction (0:00)
Check Salesforce Prerequisites (0:28)
Setup API Users for Marketing Cloud Connect (1:02)
Install Marketing Cloud Managed Package (1:36)
Modify Page Layouts (2:26)
Grant Access to Your Marketing Cloud Connect Admin (4:46)
Create Permission Sets in Salesforce CRM (5:20)
Update Field-Level Security (5:55)
Check OptOut fields on Page Layouts (6:52)
Setup Salesforce Integration in Marketing Cloud (7:16)
Configure Marketing Cloud Connected App (8:51)
Configure Marketing Cloud Process Automation (10:05)
Update Salesforce Session Settings (10:29)
Configure Marketing Cloud App in Salesforce (10:44)
Integrate User in Marketing Cloud (12:55)

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