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Salesforce SMS Application To Grow Your Customers

One of the basic requirements of every business is to grow its user base. And for this, they adopt several approaches. This includes marketing, advertising, cold calling, etc., which increases business expenses. In this era of digitalization, everything is fast-paced and at people's fingertips.

Thus, the business also needs quick and convenient methods to connect with its potential customers and grow customers. This is where texting comes to the rescue. Text messaging provides the most cost-effective and convenient method for users to increase their customers.

Though Salesforce doesn't provide a default message capability, using an advanced Salesforce SMS app, users can send various types of text messages to increase their customers.

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Potential Use of Salesforce SMS app to Increase Customers

Offer Discounts to your Potential Customers

One way you can use text messages to acquire new customers and drive purchases is to send text messages with discounts and offers.

When any new potential customer visits your website or submits a phone number to receive text messages from your brand, you can send a text with an exclusive discount on the first purchase using a Salesforce SMS application.

As everyone loves a discount, this type of message would encourage them to buy from you.

Respond Instantly

When someone visits your website or sends an inquiry about your business offering, your response time plays a major role.

Today's customers are impatient and don't like to wait longer for a response from a brand.

Thus, you can automate responses and seize the opportunity right away using the best Salesforce SMS app.

On the website, you can advertise a number and ask website visitors to send a text if they need any assistance.

Besides, you can trigger an instant response to engage with a lead instantly and close more deals.

Ask for Referrals

Referrals are the easiest ways to acquire more customers.

You can use the quality experiences of your existing customer base for the benefit of your business.

You can send coupon codes through texts and ask for referrals to unlock them.

This way, you can acquire new customers for your business by enticing your customers and sending deals and irresistible offers through the Salesforce SMS app.

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Send URLs for Easy Purchase

Another way to grow your customers using SMS is to provide an easy way for potential customers to buy from you.

You can market your business offerings by pairing them with a limited-time deal and sending URLs redirecting to the product page.

This would help you to make it easier for your customers to purchase.

Besides, you can also announce at scale upcoming events or new product launches to acquire new customers for your business using a Salesforce SMS application.


There can be enormous ways to use a Salesforce SMS app to acquire and retain your customers. With an SMS app, it turns easier to connect with audiences where they are, irrespective of their location. Users can communicate over their ubiquitous devices and entice them through various deals and offers to acquire new customers for their business. More importantly, texting makes business communications more convenient and quick for users.


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