Spring 21 Release

Salesforce Spring '21 Release Highlights - All You Need To Know

Salesforce’s Spring ’21 is now here! As always, Salesforce has updated its entire platform in various new and exciting ways to make sure that Salesforce users have as many tools as possible.

In this article, we will take a look at updates to existing features, like the ability to schedule time-based events with Salesforce Flow updates, and some potentially game-changing products for administrators, such as the MuleSoft Composer. The exciting updates in this release demonstrate exactly why Salesforce continues to be the World’s #1 CRM.

Salesforce Platform: Flow Updates

Flows now have enough functionality to replace almost all use cases of Process Builder! Along with the name change, Salesforce has also updated flows to allow you to check for changes to a record with the $Record__Prior global variable once the flow has been triggered. You can also now schedule part of a flow to occur at some point in the future while still running another part of the flow immediately after being triggered. Be sure to check out the release notes for all the other flow updates that weren't mentioned here!

Salesforce Flow Updates

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Sales Cloud: Enable Einstein Lead Scoring With Less Data

Einstein lead scoring is now available to all users. Previously, an organization needed 1000 new leads and 120 lead conversions in the last six months to be able to take advantage of this feature. Now, the Einstein Readiness Assessor (found in Setup) allows smaller organizations to use data that has been anonymously gathered from other organizations to score leads until the organization has enough internal data to score the leads based on the single-customer model.

Service Cloud: Einstein Recommendation Builder

With advanced AI, Salesforce now uses data within your organization to come up with relevant recommendations for your users and your customers. Using the Einstein Recommendation Builder, you can decide which object gets recommendations about other objects and how to store the data from the user's interactions. You can even filter the recommendations only to be displayed to specific segments within Salesforce. As users interact with these recommendations, the recommendations will get better and better!

Integration: MuleSoft Composer

With MuleSoft composer, users can integrate with other systems to unlock data with clicks instead of code! Salesforce organizations will no longer need a dedicated developer to create complex integrations. Using the MuleSoft Composer right in Salesforce, users can set a triggering event, determine criteria that must be met, and select the action that should happen after the trigger by using simple drop-down boxes to choose the relevant triggers, criteria, and actions. In real-time, users will also see output sample data to ensure the actions will give them the results they want. MuleSoft will be able to connect to many data sources such as Google Sheets, Tableau, and Stripe, with many more connections to come.

Marketing Cloud: Real-Time Segment Triggers for Journey Builder

With the interaction studio, Salesforce users can now automatically create segments based on users' interaction with the mobile app or with Salesforce emails. These segments can be added to a Journey with just a few clicks by assigning the segment to sync with the Journey in the Journey Builder. Whenever a user is assigned to that segment, they will instantly be included in the journey!

Commerce: Salesforce Payments

Salesforce Payments now make it easier than ever to set up secure checkouts with just a few clicks. By simply creating a Stripe account through Salesforce or using your existing account ID, users will now be able to select from a number of payment methods such as all major credit cards and Apple Pay. This makes it easy to add intuitive payment buttons to their storefront for users to finish the purchases and decide from the chosen methods of payment. Since the payments are all handled with Stripe, Salesforce users can feel confident that the payments are PCI compliant and secure!

Industries: Manufacturing Cloud - Rebates and Batch Jobs

In a new pilot program that requires an application for nomination through Salesforce, organizations can now create rebates. Users can easily define the eligibility rules and the benefits provided with these rebates, as well as process the rebate payments. Once enrolled in this pilot program, organizations will also get a first look at the new Batch Job feature, which will allow processes to be performed in batches of over 250,000 records at a time. These batch jobs will also have the ability to be scheduled using the Batch Job category of a scheduled flow.

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Analytics: Dashboard Components

Using the Tableau CRM, users can now create new components that can be used across multiple dashboards. Once created, these components can be selected and quickly added to any dashboard to save you time!


Once again, Salesforce has provided some great new updates that will empower users and developers to create impactful solutions and make the most out of their data. We mentioned quite a few of the Spring ’21 updates in this article, but there are plenty more that we didn’t. Be sure to check out Salesforce’s official release notes page if you’d like to learn even more about this latest Salesforce releaseContact DB Services at any time if you have questions or needs with Salesforce!


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