Salesforce Lightning Experience: Main Reasons Why Salesforce Classic is Fading


"Salesforce Classic is at its Death-End and s going to be okay!" These things are creating a buzz in the online Salesforce Lightning world. In its traditional Classic form, users can utilize Lightning to communicate information in an effective manner and it's on-screen reference helped the users to take future decisions accurately. But not more now!

With the arrival of Salesforce Lightning Experience, a new revolution has blown away all the goodwill generated for the Classic version. Why? It is because LE has created an environment where users can guide them to proceed further in a most successful manner.

Although, Salesforce has allowed the continuation of some features of Classic until LE does not become more prominent; the writing is there on the wall- 'Future of Classic is Dead'.

In the given blog, we will go through various aspects that have given an upper-hand to LE and created a situation, where returning to Classic will be somewhat redundant. Let's go through it.

A. is now Lightning

Salesforce has given a subtle hint to their developers: Be ready to take over the Lightning interface with the new design (Lightning Experience) and start putting it to the work. In such a scenario, customization is creating an uproar, and developers have gone to great lengths to design a user-friendly app that will be specific to their industry and clientele.

What’s more, Salesforce Cloud infrastructure has also incorporated the back-end integration with additional functionality that looks and acts new in any respect and is ready to take the world by storm.

B. Dreamforce 2017 Declared Lighting Experience Future of Salesforce

In one of the annual events of Salesforce, Dreamforce-2017; the experts have focused heavily on LE and its uses which will pave the way for the organization in the future. No subtly there! The event drove home the point that Lightning is going to stay forever.

Besides, it also highlighted some important aspect related to LE such as:

  • Lightning Launchpad: It is the best tool which comes with best adoption practices, product roadmaps which is important to understand the specific steps taken to move towards Lightning
  • Lightning Ambassadors: Working as a Lightning Experience Migration Assistant, they have placed the company in a better position by consulting everyone about the better experience which Salesforce offers
  • Lightning Sessions: The daily conduction if sessions to convey a message to the users that the adoption of Salesforce LE is highly beneficial for their business

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C. Lightning is the Newest Expansion of Classic Mode

Many Salesforce consulting companies have a fear that with the arrival of LE, they will lose their dominance in the market as their business environment is completely based on Classic mode. However, there is no reason to worry.

It is because Salesforce has described Lightning as a completely feature-rich platform for creating a new way to sell products to the users. Furthermore, it also comes with features that are the expansion of the Classic features. So, migrating from Classic to Lightning will not affect much in their business activities. Take my word!

D. The Salesforce & Google Partnership

A powerful combo, where CRM powerhouse (Salesforce) has teamed up with global behemoth (Google) to deliver a perfect package which will assist Salesforce consultants to have a cordial communication with their customers and will strengthen their partnerships not only with their supplier but also with affiliated businesses.

Besides, Google has been encouraging customers to use Salesforce Lightning for Google Sheets and Gmail and then export it directly to the Salesforce to get relevant information about their customers. Furthermore, data is also shared between Google Sheets and Salesforce Record Reports which creates a unified data with added benefits and will be beneficial for the salespeople.

E. Lightning comes with Seamless User Interface Especially Built for Productivity

Lightning is a much improved and easy to use User Interface (UI) version which comes with notable tab for displaying record data, related list and side panel with ‘Lightning only’ activity. These are essential as they keep users up-to-date with their customers concerning their emails and phone calls and stay connected with them.

Furthermore, it also offers the latest version of the built-in-tool called App Launcher. It is also found in Classic, but requires permission from the administrator to access it which is more work for the users. In contrast to it, Lightning allows users to navigate any page which they have access without its administration’s permission.

F. Built-Up of Several Custom Lightning Components

The lightning interface is built of entirely small and one-page apps called Lightning Components which are developed by skilled developers. They are capable of building an environment that meets the specific needs of their customers and improves current process efficiency which is not possible in Classic.

What's more, Lighting is also included with the Lightning App Builder (LAB) tool which creates a custom page using Lightning component collections. The given fact not only makes customers open web-pages swiftly, but it will also make it less complex when compared to Classic.

G. Lightning Experience is Capable to Stretch beyond Salesforce

One of the limitations of the Classic platform has been the complete ignorance of development in other platforms. Thankfully, the Salesforce Lightning platform is built on the top of the source framework called 'aura' which develops dynamic web apps for desktop and mobile devices to engineer tremendous growth. It thus acts as a bridge between the client and server which sometimes lacked in Classic mode.

Thus, your Lightning-based platform not only creates custom applications but also host over other cloud platforms which open new opportunities for the developers in the business and also help their development team to re-use existing system for other apps.

H. Faster Development is Possible with Lightning

LE comes with out-of-box components that function seamlessly with mobile and desktop devices. Building an app with LE components will not only improve development efficiency but will also facilitate the parallel design. Besides, its components get encapsulated with their internals staying private and their public components remain visible to the customers.

What's more, LE also utilizes the services of cross-browser compatibility apps that use responsive design to offer enjoyable user experience to their consumers. In addition to this, LE also supports the latest browsing technologies which make it easy for customers to handle the app which is not the case for Salesforce Classic mode.

I. Lightning has a Nicer Feel & Look

When compared to classic, LE has a modern look that is very appealing to the user’s point of view. Moreover, the modern Lightning layout contains more information that is compatible with the modern interface and is well distributed on the screen.

Besides, it is also easy to create pages in Lightning as it uses the services of Visualforce whose use in Classic has always been neglected. Furthermore, LE uses a drag and drop features which creates pages with great ease and does not require any codes.

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J. Lightning Always comes with Safe Solution

Have you ever wondered why your Salesforce consulting partner always opts for LE? It is because Salesforce with its new platform has created sensations in bringing significant improvement in their security. How it is possible?

It has been made possible by replacing JavaScript with Lightning components which helps in reduction in code requirement for customization and also offer a safer solution. One such aspect is the introduction of Lightning components which have significantly minimized cross-site scripting attacks and make online surfing for users efficient.

Wrapping Up

The given article has clearly displayed that at every functioning of the business enterprises, LE has been leading the baton and has left behind Classic to such an extent that sooner or later it will go into the oblivion.

With so many reasons, it has been proved that there is no match for Lightning Experience and Classic has faded. So, the time has come where most of the experts believe that Salesforce Classic is going to be fading and is now on its way to leave the field. Let us know your opinions in the comment section.

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