Salesforce Data-Driven Marketing for Personalization and Automation

In the world of marketing automation, used as a part of data-driven marketing, customer data can be used to deliver personalized marketing messages, help automate the campaign delivery process and measure the effectiveness of different marketing efforts.

Data-driven marketing should not be confused with customer relationship management (CRM), an established and popular business process with a wide range of software solutions to choose from.

Data-driven marketing is the process of using customer data to make marketing decisions and to design the marketing process and tactics. CRM is a business process and an IT solution.

The term has also sometimes been used to refer to marketing analytics, which is the collection and analysis of data to answer business questions. This is a very different term, however, with its own unique value.

It is important for marketers to make full use of their customer data in order to inform marketing efforts, improve offers and communications and increase customer lifetime value.

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How Data-Driven Marketing Differs from Traditional Marketing

The main difference between data-driven marketing and traditional marketing is that data-driven marketing uses data to connect marketing to the bottom line.

Traditional marketing focuses on the four Ps (product, price, place, and promotion) and is based on the assumption that consumers are rational. Marketing-driven decisions are made based on collecting limited marketing data, as traditional marketing only focuses on the sales funnel.

Salesforce's Data-driven marketing is a process that focuses on learning by testing. It is based on the assumption that consumers are emotional and not rational. Marketing-driven decisions are based on analyzing large amounts of marketing data around the customer life cycle to improve the next steps and optimize the customer journey.

In other words, traditional marketing is a 'push' marketing strategy where the goal is to reach as many potential customers as possible with a generic message, whereas data-driven marketing is a 'pull' that aims to reach the right customers with a relevant message.

Salesforce's Data-driven marketing eliminates guesswork, eliminates assumptions, and eliminates the risk that comes with guessing and making assumptions. It allows marketers to make better decisions and to be data-informed rather than data-ignorant.

In data-driven marketing, marketers are able to leverage their customer data to learn about their customers, gain insight into their customers’ buying behavior, develop better marketing campaigns, provide better offers and improve the overall customer experience. It can also increase conversion rates and improve the lifetime value of their customers.

What Are Benefits of the Data-Driven Marketing Tools

There are many benefits to using Salesforce's data-driven marketing tools. These include:

It lets you find the most valuable customers. This is done by finding the customers who will provide the most profit. You can also find the customers who will be most responsive to your marketing efforts and who will be the most profitable.

Using data-driven marketing lets you know where to find customers. You can find the best places to advertise, for example. It will also tell you where you are likely to find the customers you want.

Salesforce's tools can help you figure out what types of marketing will be the most successful. You can test different marketing messages, offers, and other variables to see what works. Ultimately, this leads to more qualified leads, more sales, and more profits.

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Salesforce's Data-driven marketing helps you find the best time to market to your customers. Again, you can test different marketing efforts, including what times of the day or weeks of the year are most effective. This will help you reach the most people, who will help you make more profits.

When you use data-driven marketing software, you can find the most effective channels, such as email, social media, and search. These different channels can be used to reach different types of customers, helping you make the most of your marketing.


Salesforce's marketing tools not only allow you to create the perfect experience for each customer, but it also allows you to use the right message to reach the right customer, at the right time, with the right offer.

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