Salesforce Customization vs. Configuration: Everything You Should Know

When a business plans to use a Salesforce solution, it is important to make sure that all the business requirements are met. The Salesforce platform can provide businesses the functionality they need because it is configurable as well as customizable. When the discussion is about Salesforce customization vs configuration, many businesses believe that these are the same. However, these are quite different from each other.

Salesforce Customization vs. Configuration

Both the concepts of Salesforce customization and configuration are popular but understood interchangeably. Many companies find it difficult to identify which one they need. Let us go into details of what each of these means and when to use which one.

Salesforce Customization

Salesforce customization relates to the custom development of code for creating tailored features and functionalities. These features can seamlessly integrate with business workflow and processes. Salesforce customize can help scale your business for better growth and improvement in ROI. Customization can be stated as a step ahead of Salesforce configuration. Customization is required for cases where configuration doesn’t serve the purpose.

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Here are some of the features of customizing a Salesforce instance:

  • It helps develop features/functions that aren’t available as a part of the standard Salesforce solution.
  • It helps the team achieve certain actions that aren’t covered with configuration and require some custom code.
  • Customization allows the addition of triggers on the object to perform a few actions
  • It is better to consider an expert Salesforce partner to get the customization done.
  • Customization is required  for companies with a huge number of sales representatives and sales channels
  • Salesforce customization can be considered complex and involves giving attention to user adoption.
  • Once the configuration is done properly, then customization is used and brings fruitful results.

Salesforce Configuration

Salesforce configuration covers everything you can do, inside the system, using a lot of customized coding. Salesforce users can do most of the configuration work by themselves by using some external help.

Salesforce configuration is configuring your needs to the system without changing much of the basic structure. Here are some of the features of Salesforce configuration:

  • It provides different user-defined values for empowering certain features/modules to start operating.
  • Companies can consider hiring expert Salesforce administrators to help set up initial settings to get the work done within time and budget.
  • Configuration can allow you to work with the admin panel to alter switches and setups in the programs.
  • Salesforce configuration helps add new fields, modules, workflows, surveys, and reports by altering settings in the Salesforce panel
  • Customers can get what they expect by configuring and acquiring a pre-defined application of Salesforce.

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Salesforce Customization vs. Configuration: Know What your Business Needs

Of course, there is more to Salesforce customization vs. configuration that you must know when considering extending your future services. But whatever you choose, make sure you get everything done with the help of a knowledgeable and experienced Salesforce implementation partner.


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