Salesforce CPQ Spring '21 Release Features

Salesforce CPQ aka Configure, Price, Quote Software is a cloud-based sales tool that provides accurate pricing information with different product configuration scenarios. CPQ reduces the time taken by the traditional sales cycle dramatically and improves the deal conversion rates by providing accurate data.

In 2020, Salesforce announced the all-new Revenue cloud, which unites multiple Salesforce products like CPQ and billing, Partner Relationship Management and B2B Commerce. This provides businesses the agility to make the buying process faster and easier, accelerate new revenue streams and improve revenue efficiency.

The new Spring ‘21 Release adds six new features to this amazing product. Here are the new features which will make your life simple:

Make a Smooth Switch to the Large-Scale Amendment and Renewal Service

In the previous version, if field names on your contracts were long you can not make the shift from the Legacy Service to the Large-Scale Service. Now you can complete amendment and renewal transactions no matter how long the field names on your contracts are or what service you use.

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Continue Working While You Amend Contracts

Earlier, during the contract amendment process, users were not able to work. They had to wait for the process to conclude. With this new feature, users are now able to keep working in Salesforce during the contract amendment phase. The new option is available in the setup->installed apps ->configure section where you can deselect the option for the legacy service and use the Salesforce CPQ Large-Scale Amendment and Renewal service instead.

Configurator Evaluation Event Field

The new configurator evaluation event field is now included on the Price Rules page layout. The event field gets added automatically because it is a part of the New Price Rules dialog. This new feature will save your time and will ensure that users select the required value when they configure a price rule.

Contract Larger Orders in Less Time

In the latest version, you can now create a contract order with twice as many line items in the Salesforce CPQ, compared to the previous version. But the total number of line items be decided by your org’s configuration.

New Permissions for Creating Orders

It is essential for users now to Read access on quotes and opportunities, Create and Edit access on Orders, and Delete access on order products, in an effort to create orders from quotes or opportunities.

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Permission Set Requirement Was Added for Contract Amendment and Renewal

The user who authorizes the Salesforce CPQ calculator ought to have specific permissions when the “Use Legacy Amend/Renew Service” is deselected. Else, none of the users can amend or renew contracts. This change only applies to the Lightning Experience in all Salesforce CPQ editions.

We can see that some users will greatly benefit from the new CPQ features. As with every Salesforce product, CPQ will keep on improving with each release.

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