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It is a frequently asked question among organizations whether they should go for Pardot Vs HubSpot for their marketing automation requirements.

It’s important to choose the right marketing automation tools and Customer Relation Management (CRM) platform for your business. These tools are responsible for accelerating the sales and growth of your business and increase productivity.

In this article, we try to compare and contrast both of these platforms and try to come to a conclusion on which one you should choose.

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot was a marketing automation company founded in the year 2006. Its business is focused on inbound lead generation through social media platforms and blogging. In addition to that, it excels in social media management, marketing, sales, and CRM services.

What is Pardot?

Pardot was introduced in the year 2006 by ExactTarget which was later acquired by Salesforce. Prominent features of Pardot include effective email marketing, result-oriented lead generation, and automation of various marketing procedures.

Comparison of Features

The comparison of prominent features for both Pardot and HubSpot are mentioned below:

Lead Generation

HubSpot focuses on inbound marketing and its corresponding leads. It is equipped with an integrated toolset comprising website hosting, blogging platforms, email functionality, forms, landing pages, workflows, personalized content, lead generation, and testing.

Relatable content is vital for the generation of more leads. It also includes chatbots, pop-ups, blog subscription options, and much more.

Pardot is also extremely significant for lead generation as it supports similar tools but it’s a disconnected experience if the main website isn’t hosted by Pardot.

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Social Media Management

Pardot and HubSpot both support posting on social media platforms and monitoring the activity on these posts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. HubSpot offers a unique feature that is Instagram scheduling which is not present in Pardot.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Pardot offers direct integration with Salesforce which makes it robust and outstanding. The CRM of HubSpot is not as efficient as Pardot and it lacks integrations for developers.

Website Hosting

HubSpot is performing really well when it comes to hosting websites. It offers impressive templates for new websites for an additional cost. Also, the development platform is customizable and supports almost all types of pages required by companies.

Sites offered by Pardot are basic and you will need other third-party integrations for building and launching a completely new website.


In terms of reporting HubSpot offers better reports as compared to Pardot. The reports generated in HubSpot highlight information that is significant and important. Pardot’s reports are also detail-oriented but they need a lot of customization to deliver the desired results.

But at the same time, Pardot is equipped to handle big


The pricing model is tiered for both these platforms. The basic marketing package for HubSpot costs $50 per month which increases according to the number of contacts. The professional Hub costs up to $800 per month with additional costs for sales and service hubs.

The pricing for Pardot starts at $1250 per month with additional costs for apps and other add-ons. Overall, HubSpot is less expensive than Pardot.

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Pardot or HubSpot: Which one is better?

The choice of platform depends on what your organization is currently using. If your business already utilizes Salesforce, then Pardot is a recommended option.


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