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How to Import Reports From Salesforce Sales Cloud Into Marketing Cloud Using Imports

In Salesforce Marketing cloud we can import data into the marketing cloud in two ways using imports :

  1. Objects and  
  2. Reports 

Here I will explain each step on how to import reports from the Sales cloud into Marketing cloud.

Firstly, we will go to Email Studio in the Marketing Cloud 

Then under interaction, we will go to Imports and under imports, we can see create portion:

  • Fill all the details Like Name, External Key, and description. In the Source section, we can see the file location option, and we will select “Salesforce Objects & Reports”, and select reports.

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  • Fill the report name and apply the condition and hit the “Find Now” button, then you will be able to see the desired report name that you want to import. Click OK 

  • Click on Ok, then you will get on more pop-up with the field name from Salesforce, there you can specify Primary Key and Nullable fields,

Once you save the Import with the correct configuration, one Data Extension will be automatically created in the Standard Data Extension folder with the same import name and it will store reports data.

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In the “Import Completion Setting” section you can add an email address on which you want to get notifications for updates.

And then you can use these imports you can use in Automations where you want.


  1. Hi, I followed the same steps but no data is being imported into data extension. Do i need to check the profile settings in SFDC or other settings

  2. Even i too followed the same steps but the data is not being imported into data extension.

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