How To Smarten Up Your Salesforce Field Service Management

No wonder how we work in the company matters a lot, but we can’t ignore giving equal importance to the services we provide onsite. The importance of field service management has grown a lot and is still increasing with the ongoing demand for onsite services. With remote services gaining more and more popularity, it has become important for companies to pay attention to improving field service operations.

With cloud-based field services enabled by Salesforce, companies can go beyond boundaries to deliver the best onsite services to customers. It would keep agents updated with the tasks in real-time while tracking job status.

Field Service Management Challenges

While many businesses concentrate on improving their internal operation functions, they fail to focus on enhancing field service. If field service is not handled right, there can be many issues, both on customers’ and employees’ end. Some of the common challenges at the customer end would be:

  • Inaccurate and slow communication
  • Long waiting times
  • The need for return visits
  • Engineers aren’t fully briefed on the situation of the customer

If your customers are facing any or all of these issues, chances are strong that they’ll prefer choosing a competitor next time for service. Implementing the right field service management will help to take corrective actions that will boost brand loyalty.

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Ways to Improve Your Field Service Management

It’s quite clear now that field service operations are as important as your internal operations and any issue with those can cause you to lose customers. That’s where you need to adopt some smart ways to improve your field service management. Here we have listed some ways that could be helpful.

1. Enhanced Mobility

Mobility is the very heart of connected field service operations. When you provide your field agents with enhanced mobility, they tend to act more. Salesforce field service allows them to access more than just schedules and appointment details on the go, so they can get all the relevant information quickly, irrespective of their location.

2. Intelligent Scheduling

Without a proper pattern of scheduling, the field service process would go completely ineffective. But with Salesforce, your agents can access cloud-based tools that would enable real-time scheduling, that will update the agents even about the up-to-the-minute changes. It would also help with scheduling automation for enhanced experience so appointments could be assigned to agents intelligently, based on their skills and availability.

3. Real-Time Tracking

The key to success in field service operations depends upon how effective the tracking is. This means that you should not just be able to track the progress of the jobs but should also be able to track your field agents. Salesforce makes it all possible to track the status of work and progress of field service agents.

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4. Detailed Analytical Reporting

If your agents don’t know what customers want, they certainly won’t be able to achieve their satisfaction, That’s where they could use build-in analytics tools to access customer data and plan targeted email messages and campaigns to anticipate needed services. All of this data can be gathered to prepare detailed analytical reports to provide better service.

Upgrade Your Field Service Management with Salesforce

Being able to deliver onsite services efficiently while managing client data and tracking job status is something every company would seek. This will give the company more power to improve service delivery while achieving customer satisfaction.


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