How Salesforce Can Help Your Business Reopen Safely After or During the Pandemic

The unprecedented crisis caused by COVID-19 will most likely usher in a new reality where a business will be prompted to adapt and compelled to introduce major changes in order to stay alive. These changes will affect the most important areas of business operations:

  • How key decisions are made
  • How work is organized
  • How businesses communicate with customers
  • How businesses return the favor to those on the frontline of the pandemic has been modified and now offers pandemic-specific tools is a suite of tools that helps employees learn company-specific skills and improve their performance. This is done via recognition tied to real rewards, as well as detailed goals, real-time coaching, and full-featured performance reviews.

To help customers address the challenges associated with COVID-19, Salesforce has added new features to Here is an overview of what is included.

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Command Center

Provides real-time data received from Tableau's COVID-19 Data Hub and helps you decide when you can get back to the office

Command Center is a dashboard view that can help give you a clear picture of your company’s readiness to return to work. It is a single screen where you can get information from the COVID-19 Data Hub about the local and global situation, receive updates on company personnel, and track your employees’ progress in learning new procedures.

command center
Command Center in

Contact Tracing

Allows you to identify contacts that are infected or potentially infected

In order to slow down the spread of infection, medical organizations gather information from people diagnosed with a disease in order to figure out who they recently had contact with. Those identified are advised to quarantine themselves to prevent the further spread of the disease.

Salesforce’s Contact Tracing feature allows employees to add information about people from their network who test positive for COVID-19 and understand the level of connection with those people. This gives employers insight into the situation across the entire organization.

contact tracing
Contact Tracing in

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Emergency Response Management

Allows companies to quickly and efficiently allocate resources and services to the affected people

This feature is designed mostly for public health institutions and government agencies in order to provide quick and efficient assistance to those who are affected. The tool helps protect people from the impact of an outbreak by accelerating responsiveness with a single view of all requests and approvals and facilitating communication with field employees using intuitive mobile apps.

Emergency Response Managemen
Emergency Response Management in


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