[ Part - 2 ] Get Salesforce record data into your Google Sheet through G-Connector

Get Salesforce record data into your Google Sheet through G-Connector - Part 2

Hello All,

In my last blog, I shared with you all the required steps to install and configure G-connector for Salesforce. Now I am going to show, how to use G-Connector for getting salesforce record just simple as we can do it in our salesforce query editor to see the records.

Follow the below steps guided with the screenshot for getting salesforce records:

  1. Open your Google sheet and verify the connection, is it connected with either of salesforce sandbox or production org. NOTE: If not connected please connect your sheet with desired salesforce org.
  2. Now after making/verifying connection with Salesforce, Click on the "Get Data using SOQL" option under "G-connector for Salesforce"
  3. You will the below an advance query editor screen in your google sheet. Just select your source data item from the "From" picklist
  4. Now select the fields of that source item whose data you want to get into your google sheet
  5. You can also categorize/filter out your data with "Where" condition
  6. You will see a similar SOQL Query in your sheet as shown in the below image
  7. dont miss out iconAlso check out the third part of the blog here: "Pushing Google Sheet data into the Salesforce database through G-Connector", which shares how to push the Google Sheet rows data to Salesforce sObject records on the basis of Sheet columns with the correct/matching salesforce fields.

  8. Just one step away from your data hit the "Get Data" button and you will get your Salesforce data directly into your Google sheet as shown in below image

Make your SOQL query in Google sheet and have fun with your Salesforce data without needing Salesforce License/logins.

Go check the 4th part of this blog series "Google Sheet Automation Process for Salesforce Data Pull/Push Using G-connector" for some interesting info which is very easy and a way more relaxing for doing the manual pushing and pulling of data.

Happy Salesforce!

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