Facebook Salesforce Integration: Why You Should Care and How it Is Suppose to Be

Do you put your best efforts into improving business outreach, customer acquisition, and growth, but outcomes are not always as they should be?

Then you probably should consider Salesforce Facebook for your business.

There are numerous communication channels available in the market, which often confuses users, and they keep thinking:

Which channels to incorporate in their business to improve their communication strategies

When designing your business communication strategies, you should be cautious while choosing communications. This will help you to get the best and most widely used channels for your business that can help you get closer to your prospects and customers.

If we talk about the most popular communication channels, Facebook is surely the one you should consider in addition to other channels for your business.

Like SMS is best when it comes to targeting audiences with lower-end mobile phones, even without internet connectivity. WhatsApp is good when it comes to the best messaging app, and you want to target audiences globally.

In the same way, Facebook also administers its presence in the list of top 3 messaging channels. Also, Facebook is the no. 1 social media app, making it a perfect platform for businesses to increase their audience base.

This makes Facebook Salesforce integration essential for users to have the best channels for their business.

Let's find some more reasons to understand why your business needs the integration of Salesforce Facebook.

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Why Facebook Salesforce Integration is a Requisite for your Business Growth?

Flaunt Your Brand to Billions of Users and Generate More Leads

Acquiring new customers for business has always been the most challenging and time-consuming part for businesses.

And to do so, the most important thing is increased brand exposure. The more people know about your brand, the easier it is to get new customers for the business.

This is where Facebook Salesforce integration can help. You can use the popularity and massive user base of Facebook to your advantage.

On the flip side, when more people know your brand, you're always in their consideration when they want to buy some specific product or service that your brand sells.

Hence, you can expect an inflow of inquiries and leads from Facebook. This will help you generate more leads from Facebook and improve sales. When

Authenticate your Brand And Make it More Accessible

The simplest thing you can do to increase brand outreach is to create a robust business Facebook page.

This is also a crucial reason to opt for Facebook Salesforce integration. This will help you establish a strong presence on the social media platform.

A Facebook page is equivalent to a business profile but gives you more control and has less risk of being shut out by Facebook.

You can showcase information related to your company and causes.

The best part is people can connect with your brand simply by liking it rather than sending a request to be in your Facebook friend list.

Better Management of Facebook Leads from Salesforce

It could be frustrating for your potential leads and customers when they don't get a quick response from a brand.

So you should be able to address every incoming inquiry and lead instantly and without delay.

By choosing an ideal Facebook messenger integration for Salesforce, you can access numerous advanced capabilities which keep you posted about every text you get in Salesforce from Facebook.

As a result, you can respond without delay and also get into a one-on-one conversation using a convenient chat interface.

Besides, you can also count on automation to trigger an instant response when a prospect or customer texts using Facebook.

More Targeted and Effective Facebook Marketing

Choosing the right app from AppExchange to integrate Salesforce and Facebook provides you with several capabilities for convenient Facebook operations.

You can use the targeting features of the app and the custom Facebook audience feature of Facebook together.

Facebook provides a variety of data about your Facebook audiences. This helps you understand them better and run tailored marketing campaigns.

Using features of the texting solution, you can segment audiences based on their responses and speed up your Facebook campaigns.

Personalized Journey for Facebook Users

Ideal integration of Salesforce and Facebook allows you to personalize your journey for your audiences using the texting solution's capabilities.

You can access your extracted Facebook data in your CRM to personalize their journey.

In addition, you can use the power of CRM and Facebook analytics to better understand your audiences and their behaviour.

This would help you tailor communications and marketing pursuits and improve their experiences with your brand.

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What are the Essential Features you Should get from Facebook Salesforce Integration?


Business communications are never limited to just one or two people. Firms need scalable solutions to interact with multiple Facebook audiences in one go.

So, your Facebook integration with Salesforce must allow you to scale communications to millions without any governor limit while selecting audiences to send messages in bulk.

This way, you can connect with a large segment of Facebook audiences without investing much time.

Easy Facebook Message Automation

Text automation is one of the essentials that every business needs to accelerate its Facebook communications.

The best Facebook Salesforce integration gives all the capabilities that you need to succeed over Facebook. And DIY configurable automation is something you should expect.

With this, you can automate Facebook bulk messages at scale, defining data and time.

You can configure Surveys, Questionnaires, and Facebook Chatbots with just point and click, ditching coding work and expert involvement.

One-On-One Facebook Messaging

Peer-to-peer messaging is important for meaningful conversations with Facebook audiences.

So, you should get a well-defined and easy-to-use interface from your Facebook messenger integration in Salesforce that lets you communicate with Facebook audiences one-on-one.

This would help you resolve their inquiries and concerns faster.

Facebook Campaigns with Granular Controls

With advanced campaign capabilities, you can configure campaigns with point-and-click.

You can add a series of text messages specifying the date and time or conditions when you want each text message to go out.

Besides, granular controls over campaigns allow you to manage campaigns effectively.

You can view at which stage of a campaign a prospect or customer is or when a campaign stopped.

Compliant Facebook Messaging

No matter which channels a prospect or customer uses to connect with your brand. You should be able to manage compliances well.

In the concern to Facebook, your Facebook Salesforce integration should allow you to handle old and new compliance requirements on your way well.

This way, you can opt-in or opt-out audiences as per their preferences if they do not want to receive any specific type of Facebook messages or from a specific department, etc.

Also, your Facebook integration should support the addition of custom fields.

This will help you conveniently manage new Facebook compliance requirements without additional investment or customization.


Facebook is the top social media app with billions of users, providing a perfect platform for businesses to get more customers. Also, Facebook offers various capabilities to businesses to strengthen their brand presence, increase business outreach, run targeted campaigns, drive traffic to the intended page, and much more. Facebook Salesforce integration makes the combination even more powerful. You can get centralized data from Facebook and all other channels, using which you personalize customers' journeys better, improving their experiences. Besides, you can improve your business outreach by presenting your brand to billions through a single Facebook page, which is quite cost-effective.


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