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We are just few weeks out of Dreamforce 2021, but already most of us have started missing it and nostalgically looking forward to the events next year. On the bright side, Dreamforce 2021 saw the launch of a variety of new exciting features that promises to dream excitement, efficiency and ease of use. The three-day global event had a lot in it for the Salesforce community, and we’re sure you would have had a great time catching all the wonderful episodes, interactive sessions, and exciting events.

Every year, Salesforce comes up with some exciting launches and announcements during Dreamforce, their annual global event. And this time too, they had a lot of surprises for us! So, if you have missed the event, here’s your chance to get a quick glimpse of the exciting features introduced in Dreamforce 2021.

Slack Innovations (Digital HQ)

One of the most anticipated announcements in Dreamforce 2021 was Salesforce’s integration with the Slack platform. Though the official merger announcement came back in Dreamforce 2020, much wasn’t revealed after. And this year, Salesforce took to the big stage to announce the new capabilities that integrate Slack with Salesforce’s wide array of products and solutions. The Slack Digital HQ innovations would help organizations easily collaborate across teams and create a flexible work environment.

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Salesforce Billing w/o CPQ

During Dreamforce 2021, Salesforce announced their latest subscription management platform, which offers companies a self-service mechanism to manage their subscription products and streamline revenue growth efficiently. The new subscription platform (fully integrated with Slack) comes with a RevOps dashboard, and pricing playground to validate product pricing, price adjustment schedules, invoicing, and billing.

Launch of Salesforce Health Cloud 2.0

This year’s Dreamforce event witnessed the launch of Salesforce’s Health Cloud 2.0, a connected platform that helps businesses and governments deliver care and support from anywhere. Salesforce, in fact, built the “Dream pass” by leveraging the capabilities of Health Cloud 2.0 to organize a safe in-person Dreamforce experience in San Francisco. Salesforce is also in the process of enhancing the capabilities of Health Cloud 2.0 to succeed in the new normal.

Launch of Salesforce Sustainability Cloud 2.0

During Dreamforce 2021, Salesforce has announced that it has achieved Net Zero across its value chain and 100% renewable energy for its operations. This announcement was soon followed up by Salesforce’s unveiling of Sustainability Cloud 2.0, which would aid customers to join them in their Net Zero path and help create a better ecosystem. The launch of Sustainability cloud 2.0 is one of Salesforce’s important steps to address climate change.

Introduction of Trailhead for Slack

Along with the launch of Slack Digital HQ innovations, Salesforce introduced Trailhead for Slack. With this launch, employees, community members, and Trailhead customers can seamlessly access the Salesforce learning hub from their Digital HQ with ease. Some of the key features include – Trailhead Search Slash Command, Recommended Learning, and Home Tab.

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Salesforce Backup & Restore Solutions

One of the most satisfying announcements for Salesforce customers during Dreamforce 2021 was Salesforce’s native backup and restore solution. Though Salesforce’s ecosystem comprises several useful backup solutions, the need for automated daily backups and restores led to the native, on-platform solution. By leveraging the newly launched solutions, users can easily backup and restore data within a few clicks.

That’s a Wrap

Now that we have discussed the exciting features announced in Dreamforce 2021, it’s your turn to learn more about the latest solutions and understand how they could help your business.

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Let’s catch up next year at San Francisco to catch all the exciting launches and key announcements in Dreamforce 2022. Until then, stay connected!

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