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Investing in the Salesforce CRM technology is a big decision. It requires the knowledge of the CRM requirement checklist, thorough research and strong planning. 

Often in the haste of Salesforce implementation, people forget to give proper time to research. It might be because of the lack of knowledge.

From Salesforce implementation services to Salesforce customization & support services, each one requires substantial resources, cost, time, and effort.

Therefore it becomes essential for a business to understand all the requirements of the CRM checklist before investing money into the same.

If you are planning to invest in Salesforce technology, here we bring to you the top items to include in the CRM requirement checklist. This will help you at the time when you hire a Salesforce development company for the implementation and integration of the technology.

How to Analyze and Identify CRM Requirements

Keep your eyes, ears, and mind open while selecting a CRM solution. One wrong decision can cost you severely in terms of time, resources, and money. On the other hand, the selection of the right CRM solution will bring to you fecund results like growth, sales process, productivity of the team, and business process efficiency.

Before we move ahead and understand the CRM requirement checklist, let’s first understand how to analyze and identify the CRM requirements.

If you get the analysis done right, you will cover half of the journey.

Analysis of CRM Requirements

You are here to read the CRM requirements. It is essential that before you pen down your requirements, you analyze them.

Initial analysis will lay the strong foundation of Salesforce implementation. To get the best out of your analysis, you can start by planning and setting up the expectation. It will reduce the future burden and help you garner the solution that everybody loves.

  • Things that you can consider during CRM requirements
  • Analyze all the possible outcomes which you get in terms of sales, marketing, business performance, collaboration, and more.
  • Make sure you have involved every team member.
  • Analyze your requirement, whether you want a specific solution or a full-fledged system.
  • Who are your customer base B2B or B2C?

The Level of Technical Assistance

There is certain CRM software that requires the support of IT experts because of its complexities, and there are some CRM solutions that are easy to use and easy to set up.

The pre-knowledge of the level of required technical assistance will help you streamline the further process. Suppose, if you opted for the complex CRM then the need for a certified CRM expert becomes imperative. In such a case you can also hire Salesforce consulting company rather than setting up the in-house team.

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The Business Scalability

Every business works in its own unique manner. And therefore for every business, there is a special kind of CRM software. Some Customer Relationship Management software is meant for big companies, some are for small businesses, and some like Salesforce CRM are universal, which offers spectacular solutions to every size of business.

At the time of CRM implementation services, one can face certain complexities. Make sure you have proper resources to deal with any challenge so that you can harness greater results.

Budget Analysis

We all want everything to be top-class. But, we should also not forget about our budget. The implementation and integration of CRM solutions work well when we know our requirements prior.

You know your business, and so you will better understand the CRM requirements. Prioritize your requirements, and initiate CRM implementation accordingly.

Accessibility of CRM Solution

In a business, multiple people use CRM solutions. From the sales team to marketing, and from developers to architects, different teams at different levels use CRM in a business.

Analyze all the team members, which you will be going to use CRM in your business. Finalize the number of people that will use the CRM system, also measure the level of data that you require to process on a daily basis.

Check the number of users in your company and the number of remote workers. Also, identify the device and operating system to be used by the internal and remote workers, and then set the data backup procedure as well.

Boost Your CRM Development Experience With These Best CRM Requirements Checklist Items

Before you hire a Salesforce CRM development company, make sure you have the proper know-how of all the following CRM requirements. Some of the most important ones are as follows-

Contact Management

Every business has to deal with multiple contacts throughout the day, weeks, months, and year. Management of contacts sometimes becomes a daunting task, it is where contact management features of CRM comes in handy.

It helps you handle everything under contact management, like a collection of data, storage of data, and management of prospects, leads, and customers.

Contact management in your CRM checklist paves the path for robust future strategies and streamlines the process of appointment management with leads, colleagues, vendors, prospects, and contacts.

Tracking Communication History with Clients

Throughout the day, businesses interact with multiple clients. Hence, the management of clients’ information becomes crucial for all businesses in the present world because it will help businesses to deliver well-managed and client-centric services.

While making your CRM requirement checklist make sure you include this feature. The client communication tracking feature will ease the process of invoice tracking, purchase history, order status, etc.

Database Management

A large scale enterprise deals with a humongous amount of data that generates in terabytes and petabytes. It becomes a daunting process for businesses when it comes to the collection, management, and process of data.

Customer Management Solution comes with impeccable data management capabilities. With the help of a CRM, a business can centralize all its data which is spread across multiple departments.

While choosing a CRM, check if your CRM database management capabilities include data clearing, data record updation, avoiding data duplicity, and other data management-centric features.

Management of Marketing Campaign

CRM software like Salesforce is backed by the power of automation. Through automation, a business can easily handle, track, and strategize its marketing campaigns.

CRM also allows businesses to handle and track marketing performance at a granular level.

A CRM software comes with the following marketing management features: campaign designing, campaign analysis, customer targeting, campaign delivery, email tracking, customer targeting, etc.

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Lead Management

Leads are the lifeline of any business. Increasing leadings means higher chances of conversion. Hence, whenever you make a CRM requirement checklist, see the performance of prospective CRM software in terms of leads.

A good CRM can help you generate more leads, and also helps you manage the leads according to their priorities.

There are multiple CRM solutions that have the ability to catch leads through a web form and store it in the system directly, one such software is Salesforce CRM.


The selection of a CRM is not an easy task. It requires businesses to consider many factors. One of the most important factors to consider in the CRM requirement checklist is security.

Before you hire any Salesforce implementation company, try to find their previous work and the level of security they have integrated within their previous projects.

CRM software comes with strong security and it helps you create and maintain the entire login related information.

Here are some security-related features that can come in handy to you while selecting a CRM – activity audit trails, time tracking, data backup, record protection, and many more.

CRM Requirement Checklist – Wrapping Up

We hope the above mentioned CRM requirement checklist will prove helpful to you at the time of CRM migration. The more suitable CRM you will select, the better are the chances of you running your business more effectively.

We recommend you hire a CRM development company. Guidance from experts will prove highly beneficial to your business.


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