Case Study: Empowering Global Pharma Customer Support

Transformative impact of the Salesforce Service Cloud Call Center Solution on enhancing customer support across multiple countries within the pharmaceutical industry.

The pharmaceutical industry operates in a complex and highly regulated environment, where providing efficient and personalized customer support is essential. In this case study the focus lies on exploring the implementation of a call center solution on Salesforce Service Cloud, specifically tailored for the pharmaceutical industry. The emphasis is on highlighting unique challenges faced by pharmaceutical companies and the benefits of leveraging a Service Cloud-based call center solution to address these challenges.

Client Background, Challenges and Goals

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, a global leader in the pharmaceutical industry, recognized the need to streamline and optimize their customer support operations.

The client faced the challenge of establishing an efficient customer support system. While they were planning to implement Salesforce Service Cloud, their primary mode of communication with clients was through phone calls. This required a tailored solution that could effectively handle call center operations while leveraging the capabilities of Service Cloud.

Project Highlights

Our team successfully implemented a call center solution on Salesforce Service Cloud to address the client's specific needs. This solution includes several key components and features designed to optimize customer support operations:

  • Case Management
    Our Salesforce team customized the Service Cloud's case management system to accommodate the client's support requirements. This involved defining stages and processes for customized support and incorporating client-specific data fields. The system enabled support agents to effectively manage and track customer inquiries.
  • Queue Management
    The call center solution implemented multiple queues to handle customer interactions across various communication channels. Support agents could efficiently handle calls, emails (e-mail-to-case), and web inquiries (web-to-case) from a centralized platform. This approach ensured efficient and consistent support across multiple channels, enhancing the customer experience.

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  • Case Routing with SF Multi-Channel
    Leveraging Salesforce's multi-channel capabilities, the team implemented case routing based on agent skills and availability. This ensured that customer inquiries were directed to the most suitable support agent, optimizing response times and customer satisfaction.
  • Process Automation
    Customized workflows and automation were implemented to support the client's specific business logic. This streamlined support processes, reducing manual effort and improving overall efficiency. Additionally, escalation rules were set up to address cases that were stuck at any stage of the process, ensuring prompt resolution.
  • Integration with Call Control Application
    The call center solution is integrated with the pharmaceutical company's call control application. This integration enabled the identification and retrieval of relevant customer information based on incoming phone numbers. Support agents could provide personalized support experiences, with access to vital customer details.

Business process transformation

The implementation of the call center solution brought about a significant transformation in the client's customer support operations. New solution replaced outdated processes with a modern, scalable, and customized system that aligned with the client's unique requirements. It facilitated streamlined workflows, improved case management, and enhanced customer experiences.
Industry agnosticism

The call center solution implemented on Salesforce Service Cloud is industry-agnostic. Its flexible nature enables customization of business logic and processes to meet the specific needs of clients from various industries. Whether in healthcare, finance, retail, or any other sector, the solution can be tailored to accommodate diverse requirements.

Streamlining Global Expansion

The delivery of the Salesforce call center project was executed in an iterative and systematic manner, with careful consideration for efficiency and scalability. Instead of developing country-specific business logic for each iteration, the team adopted a forward-thinking approach by creating a versatile and adaptable solution. By introducing configurable parameters upon which automation depended, the team ensured that the call center solution could be easily applied to all countries equally. This innovative approach not only streamlined the deployment process but also resulted in significant time and cost savings for future call center projects. With each subsequent country integration, the implementation became simpler and faster, empowering Teva to expand its customer support reach with agility and effectiveness.

The success of this iterative approach has not only elevated customer support capabilities but also provided a solid foundation for their ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional service in the pharmaceutical industry.

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The implementation of a call center solution on Salesforce Service Cloud addresses the unique challenges faced by pharmaceutical companies in providing efficient customer support. By leveraging the features of Service Cloud, including customized case management, multi-channel communication, intelligent routing, process automation, and integration with existing systems, pharmaceutical companies can enhance the customer experience, streamline operations, ensure compliance, and adapt to changing business needs. The call center solution proves to be an invaluable tool for improving customer support in the pharmaceutical industry and beyond. Triple Innovations delivers user-driven solutions easily adaptable by users to fit their unique business needs. Whether you need complete solution from beginning to end of project or team responsible for specific solution or just looking for additional members to your existing team, Triple Innovations will help you turn the most complex processes into simple ones.


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