How to Stop a Journey in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

It was time-consuming to pause Salesforce Marketing Cloud's progress.  It will provide you with tips to help you save money while still achieving them.

Marketing Cloud allows you to stop the Journey as a standard feature. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Service users can now temporarily stop Journey Builder's processing of Journeys contacts. This was not possible before the May 2020 release.

Why would you need to pause a trip? It is sometimes necessary to temporarily suspend messaging in order to avoid conflicting messages. This allows your team to re-strategy and saves money. During this COVID-19 disruption.

Let's look at Pause Journey Builder in three easy steps.

Step 1: Choose the Pause option

Click "Pause This Version" or "Pause all Versions" to opt out of processing your contact information.

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Visit the Journey Builder Interface

After being selected, contacts that were not selected for communication do not receive any communications. Contacts that are still waiting for communication will be dealt with as usual.

You can stop any one or all of the travel versions for up to 14 calendar days. You have the option to either pause or resume travel at the end. You can manually resume the interrupted journey at any time.

Step 2: Follow Your Path

You can stop a trip to make it more efficient. This is for both strategic (to limit the number of marketing campaigns you use to promote your event) and operational (to avoid multiple campaigns being duplicated). This is an opportunity to enhance your trip by adding/removing activities that are more relevant to your contacts.

Step 3: Resume the Journey

Once the journey has been resumed, all contacts will be evaluated according to the destination you have set. If they do not meet the exit criteria, they are removed.

Take a break from your journey

1. Visit Marketing Cloud

2. Choose Journey Builder in Marketing Cloud

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3. Click on the Journey you want to end

4. You can click the Pause button at the top right. You can select from one or all versions of the running journey. All journey contacts are deleted.


This feature allows marketers to manage Journey Builder in Marketing Cloud. It was suggested that you take a longer trip or make another one. This could make it difficult to retrieve contacts from previous activities. This post should help you to halt your Marketing Cloud Journey. Contact our Salesforce Marketing Cloud developer for any clarification or questions.


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