Custom Settings And Custom Objects

How To Create Custom Settings And Custom Objects | Salesforce Developer Guide

Custom Settings

Custom settings are similar to custom objects which allow us to customize org data.

Following are the steps to create Custom settings:-

1. Login into your Salesforce org. From Setup, search custom in the quick find box and click on Custom Settings.

2. Click on New to create a custom setting.

3. Enter GoogleDrive in the Label field.

4. Enter again GoogleDrive in the Object Name field.

5. Select Hierarchy in Setting Type leave as it is if already selected.

6. Select Public invisibility.

7. Enter “Creating relation between Salesforce and GoogleDrive.” in the Description field.

8. Click Save.

Hence, custom settings are created and now we can add new fields to it.

9. From the custom field section click on New.

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Here we have a limited data type compared to custom objects.


  • Checkbox
  • Currency
  • Date
  • Date/Time 
  • Email
  • Number
  • Percent
  • Phone 
  • Text
  • Text Area
  • URL

10. Select Text data type to create a text field.

11. Click Next.

12. Enter Customer Name in Field label.

13. Enter 18 in the Length field.

As we can see, the Field Name value appears automatically.

14. Leave the rest of the things as it is and click Next.

15. Click Save.

 Finally, our custom setting is ready and we can manage it as per our requirements.

Custom Object

Steps to create custom objects are:-

Step 1:- Login into your Salesforce org., and click on ‘Setup’.

Step 2:- Click on ‘Object Manager’ and then click on ‘New Object’.

Step 3:- Enter ‘Bank’ in the ‘Label’ field. And enter ‘Banks’ in the ‘Plural Label’ field.

 Leave unchecked ‘start with vowel sound’ and  ‘Object Name’ will appear automatically.

Step 4:- In optional features, check ‘Allow reports’ and ‘Track field history’.

Step 5:- In search status, Check ‘Allow search’.

Step 6:- In ‘Object Creation Options’, check  ‘Add Notes and Attachments related list to default page layout’.

Leave other fields and checkboxes as it is.

Step 7:- Click on save.

Your object is created And now, you can add fields to the object.

Step 8:- Click on Field and relations. And then click ‘New’.

In the new custom field page, there is a list of data types to create fields of your choice as required.

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Step 9:- In the new custom field page, select ‘Text’ data type and click Next.

Step 10:- Enter ‘Customer Name’ in the label field.

Step 11:- Enter 18 in the Length field.

The field name will appear automatically.

Step 12:- Leave others as it is and click on Next.

Step 13:- Again, leave others as it is and click on Next.

Step 14:- Click on Save. 

Like this, you can make other fields also on custom objects Bank by using different data types.

And then you have to create a Tab for a custom object Bank to show this object in the Salesforce app.


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