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Build a Sales Process in Salesforce | Learn How!

It is the process in which we can control the Picklist values of Stage field of Opportunity Object. We can create different sales processes for the different record types on Opportunity. If we want to control the Stage field value for the different record type in that scenario, we have to implement the Sales process. 

Create Sales Process

  • Go to Setup=>Search for Sales Processes. 
  • Click on New. 
  • Select Existing Sales Process from the dropdown list and then give your Sales Process Name. Click on Save. 
  • You can add or remove the values as per the requirement from Selected Values as shown below. 
  • Now, click on Save. 

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Create Record Type on Opportunity Object

  • Go to setup=>Click on Object Manager=>Search for Opportunity Object. Click on it. 
  • Go to Record Types. 
  • Click on New. Enter the record type label and record type name. 
  • After that in the sales process dropdown list you have to select the sales processes that you want for this record type which you are creating. 
  • Click on Next then assign page layout as per the requirement you can select same for all or assign different page layout according to the profiles. 
  • Click on Save. 
  • Now, click on Page Layout Assignment at the top right-hand side.

  • Click on Edit Assignment. Edit the page layout according to you. Click on Save. 

NOTE: - You can create different record types and provide different sales processes. 

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You can see here in stage field there are only 5 values which I have selected earlier while I was creating sales process. 


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