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Boost your Business Growth with Salesforce Easy

In this competitive edge, we are continuously advancing in technologies and seeking solutions to grow our business to get ahead in the corporate world. Various industries are facing challenges in many aspects, such as environmental, social, technological, and economic. 

On a daily basis, organizations are growing and are more uncertain about the challenges, what lies ahead, and how they will be able to handle those situations. And therefore, every organization and industry should be adaptable and flexible toward advancements in their system. 

In this article, we will discuss the new advancement, "Salesforce Easy," and how it is benefitting organizations in guiding their way forward digitally and technologically.

Introduction to Salesforce Easy

Recently, Salesforce launched a new package for customers to experience a simplified and faster version of Salesforce CRM. By utilizing Salesforce Easy, organizations can take their foot forward in their business growth to leverage Salesforce's technological advancements and best practices.

Salesforce Easy is a flexible platform consisting of services and applications provided by Salesforce Partners to streamline and simplify the customer onboarding process. This Salesforce Easy CRM facilitates self-service portals and a three-click workflow system to try, buy, and utilize the features resulting in a fast initial signing-up process.

With easy onboarding, Salesforce Easy facilitates automated customer interaction with promotional emails and tracking tasks or metrics. Moreover, Easy CRM includes various productivity tools for configuring their deployments and guiding customers through its interface and key features.

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Features of Salesforce Easy

1. Seamless Onboarding

Get reps and agents started right away and boost their productivity. Getting started is a breeze with built-in guidance.

2. Inbuilt Best Practices

Utilize inbuilt proven Salesforce practices in Salesforce Easy, which have proven positive and qualitative outcomes.

3. Snappier Sales

Get innovative ideas, execute these out-of-the-box strategies at Salesforce Easy pace, and close many new deals.

4. Productive Services

Acquire a collaborative platform for all your end-to-end processes and save your time and energy.

5. Email Outreach

Segment your customers and clients easily to make engagements at the right time with accurate email outreach.

6. Automated Processes

Remove manual processes that are tiring and time-consuming by automating your sales processes and maximizing your business growth.

Why is Salesforce Easy?

Salesforce Easy simplifies onboarding, streamlines setup, and enables Salesforce customers to leverage productivity tools by utilizing the "Self-Service" portal. With these tools, they can understand the platform's UI and features and maximize user adoption.

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Salesforce Easy is helping customers in numerous ways. Listed below are some of them:

Easy to increase productivity

  • Easy Three-step signing up.
  • In-build guided tools to help customers understand the UI and configurations.
  • Proven Salesforce practices utilization to accomplish innovative Sales strategies.

Easy to save time 

  • Automate your business operations and maintain a seamless workflow for better team productivity
  • Accessible dashboards for various departments such as sales, marketing, and service.

Easy to cut costs

  • Acquire a 360-degree customer view for better email outreach and monitor your various operations on a collaborative platform.
  • Reduce manual hassle and time consumption.

Wrapping Up

Salesforce Easy, a new CRM package, will enable customers to get started with the Salesforce platform fast with no complexities. Now, they can manage their sales, marketing, service, and all departments across their enterprise more easily and efficiently. And therefore, they will be able to optimize their business operations and maximize business productivity with boosted growth and revenue.

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