Achieving Optimum Success with Salesforce Managed Services

Salesforce is one of the best sought CRM platforms for businesses, nonprofits, and institutions globally. It comes with the best low-code, visualization, automation, and reporting features that allow teams to build and customize processes on the go. But, to use Salesforce offerings at their peak performance, organizations need to update and customize solutions under the guidance of experienced professionals.

Managed Services for Salesforce offers businesses a flexible and cost-efficient way to manage cloud deployments. It is a comprehensive set of processes and activities that range from implementation to day-to-day administration of Salesforce solutions in a company. Unlike the break-fix model, where issues are resolved on time after the occurrence, managed service model allows the team to address issues in real-time.

Salesforce Managed Services is the best fit for businesses looking for remote monitoring and management of services related to infrastructure, network, applications, security, support, active administration on customers’ premises, etc. If high operational costs and limited in-house expertise are creating roadblocks, preventing you from hiring multiple and more experienced full-time Salesforce professionals, managed services are what you should prefer going ahead in 2023.

Scope of Salesforce Managed Services

The main objective of Salesforce Managed Services is to detect possible setbacks that may affect customers and users. However, these setbacks can happen due to a lack of consulting, admin support, development support, and so on. Here are a few of the services included under Managed Services for Salesforce:

  • Consulting

Consulting services include the use of tailored strategies to meet the business objectives of sales, marketing, customer service, and other functions. Salesforce Managed Service Providers can help you with advisory and roadmap building for customization, development, deployment challenges, upgrades, migrations, and maintenance, so you can improve business efficiency and ROI with Salesforce. 

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  • Implementation

Salesforce Managed Service Providers implement various packages and products to create a single Salesforce solution. In this way, businesses get full coverage of customers’ comprehensive business needs. For a smooth implementation of Salesforce, it is always a recommended practice to hire a top Managed Service Provider (MSP) rather than relying upon in-house Salesforce admin resources. An agile team of the MSP helps businesses optimize the cost of implementation and can scale up with the flexibility to manage the business requirements and risks. 

  • Custom Development

Salesforce solutions are designed to support custom workflows, reports, email templates, and more. Managed Service Providers can help you design, develop, and modify custom applications based on the changing needs of your business.

  • Integration

Salesforce Managed Service Providers also assist you in your integration needs. You can connect the Salesforce solution with third-party systems, offering a unified user experience on all connected systems. Apart from seamless third-party integrations, Salesforce Managed Service Providers can also help you implement an AppExchange app, so you don’t have to invest additional resources and cost in development. 

  • Optimization

Optimization services of a Salesforce Managed Service Provider guarantee the maximum usage of your Salesforce solution. They optimize the solution’s functionalities as per the changing commercial processes ensuring increased staff productivity, simplified workflows, and a superior user experience.

  • Maintenance, Support, and Evolution

Consistent 24*7 maintenance and support services are critical to keeping your Salesforce solution up and running at peak performance. Hiring a top Salesforce Managed Service provider allows in-house IT and business teams to avail the best support and evolution by offering quick fixes and proactive improvements. 

Importance of Salesforce Managed Services for Companies

Salesforce Service Management is a highly cost-effective and flexible model for existing Salesforce users as well as for companies wanting to leverage the most out of the Salesforce platform. Here are some points that make it irresistible for CRM users.

  1. Improve overall Salesforce experience

Post implementation, the Salesforce platform must promise uninterrupted availability, high adaptability, utilization, and great user experience. However, ensuring ongoing maintenance and customizations without business disruption can be a challenging task, needless to say, a resource-demanding cost-centric process. 

On top of it, hiring professionals who are skilled to maintain and modify the platform per evolving business needs can be a nightmare. The Salesforce talent shortage is real! Companies around the world are facing the Salesforce talent shortage. With a flexible, robust, and responsive Salesforce Managed Service Provider, you can maximize your Salesforce investment. The Managed Service Provider can help businesses to ensure: 

  • Proactive platform management to boost efficiency 
  • High levels of adoption and utilization
  • The enhancements are taken up well in time and rolled out to avoid any delays impacting productivity or loss of business opportunities.
  1. Operational Costs Can be Reduced Drastically

In-house Salesforce requires high operational costs as experts are hired on a full-time basis. In Salesforce Managed Services, contracts are set up in a way that businesses can avail services of professionals only when required i.e on-demand hiring and pay-as-you-need models. This helps in limiting operational costs and maximizing operational investments.

Instead of hiring and training Salesforce administrators and developers on a full-time basis, teams can hire Salesforce service management providers for selective periods. Since you only have to pay for actual work hours and not full-time, you can save immensely and redirect that investment too important campaigns and other revenue growth plans.

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  1. Proactive Support with Minimal Ramp-Up Time

The skilled resources of Salesforce Managed Service Providers do not need significant ramp-up time, unlike your in-house professionals. You don’t need to give them a joining date in the near future and can onboard them as soon as you need them for your project. 

Since they can join within weeks or days, your team can rest assured that the business won’t be disrupted much. If you desire swift on-demand availability and quick proactive services, tailor-made Salesforce Managed Services is the way forward.

  1. Diversely Skilled Experts Under One Roof

Salesforce users face a lot of hiring and retention hassles in their in-house setups. Managed Services Providers allow teams to overcome all such hassles with their comprehensive services under one roof. So instead of reaching out to hiring Salesforce developers, Salesforce administrators, or consultants for collaboration, you have access to diversely skilled experts that can be hired on an on-demand basis.

  1. Less Likely to Experience Critical Failure

A limited budget prevents small-medium businesses from hiring multiple experienced professionals. Also, due to huge work responsibilities, in-house admins are often preoccupied with day-to-day tasks, making the system prone to critical failure (server crash, network failure, disk crash, etc). Salesforce Managed Services allow teams to hire multiple experts for a single role at the cost of one, preventing delays and chances of critical failure.

Ready to Benefit From Salesforce Managed Services?

Salesforce Managed Services is a cost-effective and business-friendly solution for organizations irrespective of their size and scope. It allows firms to overcome hiring and cost-based challenges that they face in an in-house environment. The flexibility in contract, cost benefits, and proactive service of Salesforce Managed Service Providers make it truly irresistible for most users. 

If you want uninterrupted service for your Salesforce solutions or other on-premise/cloud apps at minimal cost, you should prefer Salesforce service management over in-house Salesforce.


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