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Salesforce Consulting Services: The Missing Piece in Puzzle for Users and Partners?

With the ever-increasing technology product portfolios and M&As of Salesforce, it can be challenging for most of the Salesforce partners to keep up with the dynamic environment with their existing skills and technical know-how, all while focusing on new revenue growth and dipping operating margins. Similarly, for Salesforce users, the existing in-house resources sometimes have limited experience in dealing with complex and multiple scenarios and bandwidth to focus on new complex development activities.

For example, low-code development capabilities in the trend of Salesforce allow teams to design layouts, dashboards, and applications at a lightning speed. However, development in Salesforce is not always that easy. Often there are complex development needs (like custom app development, and migration) for which teams need professional development support and a collaborative ecosystem where partner firms can share knowledge, best practices, and skilled resources with each other to co-create solutions and implementation teams that can address challenges of new customers and users more efficiently and cost-effectively.

As a CRM user, if you are not satisfied with the extensibility, automation, analytics, or interoperability capabilities of existing systems, you should consider switching to Salesforce CRM by hiring a Salesforce consulting services provider. However, if you are a Salesforce partner but don’t have the necessary resources and capabilities in-house to deliver a complex project requirement, you should look for collaboration with Salesforce consulting companies.

What is a Salesforce Consulting Company?

Salesforce consulting companies implement, develop, and optimize Salesforce offerings on behalf of users and partners. From application development to maintenance, they take care of comprehensive development needs — preventing the need for users/partners to hire, train, and deploy an in-house team of professionals.

Every Salesforce consulting company has in-house skilled resources for development projects including Tech Architects, Product Consultants, Administrators, and Developers, who can be onboarded on projects as fixed-time employees or as part-time assistants and that too on-demand or pay-as-you-use basis.

Each professional working in a Salesforce consulting company possesses specific certification in Salesforce which proves that their skill levels are up-to-date with the latest releases in the world of Salesforce. Depending on which resources you plan to hire, you can ask for certifications from your Salesforce CRM consulting services provider.

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Salesforce Consulting Services: Benefits for Users

Salesforce users struggle to keep their CRM updated and optimized. Having on-demand experts can boost their productivity, sales, and ROI in the long run. Here are some of the main benefits of having consultants onboard:

Salesforce Consulting

1. Help You Choose the Best Salesforce Edition

If you have decided to go with Salesforce CRM, the next step is to pick the right edition for your business needs. It is important not to pick editions/packages that aren’t suitable for your existing business processes or come with capabilities higher than what you require at the moment. Having a Salesforce consulting services provider will help you pick the best editions, saving you from exorbitant licensing costs in the long run.

2. Maximize the Use of Salesforce Licenses

Salesforce is used by over 20 per cent of CRM users, however, only half of them use 50 per cent of their license features. Substandard license usage not only prevents teams from optimizing Salesforce capabilities but also results in high operational costs. To overcome high operational costs and ensure optimal license usage, partnering with Salesforce consulting companies is a must for Salesforce users. With diversely skilled professionals available, teams can focus on core tasks without having to worry about management, updates, or maintenance.

3. Develop Standard and Custom Apps

Development is an ongoing need for Salesforce users. From custom development to standard app implementation, teams have diverse requirements from time to time. Availing of the services of Salesforce consulting companies will allow users to design a best-fit solution as per their needs. Salesforce CRM consultants suggest proactive increments from time to time to further enhance the capabilities of Salesforce-powered solutions.

Salesforce Consulting Services- Benefits for Partners

While Salesforce users need consulting services to develop and manage CRM better, partners need assistance for seamless project execution. Here are some reasons established Salesforce companies and professionals should collaborate with other Salesforce consulting companies:

Consulting Services

1. Overcome Skill Gaps

No partner can fulfill requirements from all product lines. While one may know about the working of a product, implementing that is a whole different story. Hiring Salesforce consulting companies for collaboration can allow other partners to fill their resource and skill gaps on-demand in specific products/technologies without hiring.

2. Increased Revenue

By availing the services of a Salesforce consulting company, partners can add a new revenue channel that they were missing earlier when they were managing everything on their own. By entering into a shared revenue model, both partners can increase revenue and offer the best implementation and management experience to customers.

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Ready to Collaborate with Salesforce Consulting Companies?

Development is an ongoing need for Salesforce users and partners. However, a lack of resources and expertise prevents them from optimizing their Salesforce capabilities. Salesforce consulting companies can fill the help, skill, and knowledge gaps of organizations by offering skilled professionals under flexible contracts.

Experienced Salesforce consultants quickly identify gaps in customer experience, sales, marketing processes, and other areas and suggest proactive changes to boost CRM productivity/performance. With the on-demand support of Salesforce consulting partners, you won’t need to worry about your peak/non-peak season as you can scale resources at your convenience.


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