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Field Service

 mobile app is an all-in-one tool designed for today’s mobile workforce. 

Salesforce Field Service Mobile App is an innovative tool designed to help organizations manage their field service operations more efficiently and effectively. With the app, field technicians can access real-time information about their service appointments, work orders, customer information, and inventory from their mobile devices.

The app also offers features such as scheduling, dispatching, and tracking capabilities to help businesses streamline their field service operations.

As an offline-first app, you can work and have your changes saved even if you don’t have internet access.

Furthermore, the app is highly customizable to meet your specific business requirements.

Join Ali Zakir, our Field Service expert, in this webinar as we learn how Salesforce Field Service Mobile App can be an asset for businesses looking to improve their customer service and optimize their field service operations.

- App Requirements
- Supported Data Types
- Configure Offline Capabilities
- Service Reports
- Field Service Mobile App

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