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Why Your Business Needs to Integrate Salesforce with Jira - Top 6 Reasons

For every business, the customer is God! To prevent their fury, they leave no stone unturned to increase the smile on their face. For that, they focus on using technologies that dominate today's world, such as CRM to create better customer experiences.

So, when someone thinks of CRM, ultimately, Salesforce comes into their mind. However, when project management is given main priority, Jira tops the chart. What's more, several Salesforce integration services incorporate Jira for better productivity, team coordination, and rush in high business growth.

Still, many companies work on siloed technologies that mostly work individually. However, here they miss the trick to unlock their potential when they work in partnership. In the given blog; you will get your hand to unravel major reasons that integration of Salesforce CRM with Jira will set a benchmark of excellence for years to come.

What is Jira? Few Facts That You Must Know

Jira is a power-packed bundle that acts as a multitasking tool to perform as a:

  • Project Manager
  • Bug Tracker
  • Problem Tracker

Initially created exclusively as a bug monitoring tool, Jira has come out of age to become the most sought tool for effective project management. For users, it comes with three versions. It helps in the functioning of agile methodologies and project management easier. They are as follows:

  • Jira Core: Specially developed for the project management team to assist in the completion of projects at once
  • Jira Software: It incorporates all the core components of Jira with its agile features
  • Jira Service Desk: It is solely for IT employees to work on the service desk

Siloed Technologies and Their Pitfalls in Modern Times

It essentially refers to software that works separately, and no communication is there between them. Moreover, the data present in them can't be accessed easily by every department. And the consequences are: Increase in data duplicity, errors, and decrease inefficiency. Furthermore, it also comes with several challenges such as:

  • Time-consuming procedures in obtaining data from the systems
  • The offering of an incomplete overview of customer's grievances
  • Results in the delay of taking crucial business decisions
  • Continuous overlapping in business functioning creates a hindrance

To overcome the shortcomings of the siloed technologies, experts have come up with the novel idea of developing a partnership of Salesforce with Jira to lift the mood of the enterprises. And guys, it was an immense success!

In the next part, there will be a detailed description of the integration of Salesforce and Jira and the reasons why it will bring innovation in the IT sector.

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Integration of Salesforce CRM with Jira: A Revolutionary Step towards Modernism

Jira Salesforce integration: These three words are now creating a ruckus in the IT sector. Why not?

With such a powerful combination, companies have eased their workload by streamlining the customer contact and even giving enough time to the priority towards solving customers' grievances.

Both Salesforce and Jira work simultaneously. In the case of Salesforce CRM, proper management of the account is possible; Jira on the other hand helps in effective monitoring of core issues that affect the working of the project.

What will be the result? The outcome will be better understanding among managers towards the expectations of their customers proactively. Salesforce might evaluate integration, and Jira will keep every minute detail data about the clients. It will then allow offering appropriate solutions to the customers’ queries in a customized way.

Factors that Define Integration of Salesforce with Jira Will Boost your Business

It is a known fact that using platforms independently will result in the manual exchange of information. It then leads to accessing mislead, inaccurate and wrong data by the IT companies. However, the inclusion of Salesforce with Jira assists enterprises to share correct information and enhancing customer experience.

Here are some of the benefits of integrating Salesforce with Jira that will have a huge impact on your team working and platforms:

I. Unified Teams Envisage Best Results in Future

When there is seamless sync between Jira and Salesforce, wonderful things happen. The combination of two technologies helps in bringing better visibility that further helps in improving internal communication.

In addition to it, the given integration helps various teams in the department such as sales, marketing, and even product development to come together to create a single source to offer support to the system well.

What’s more, there are certain benefits that the given bi-directional integration for availing processes and information from the given two systems bring in:

  • Improve collaboration between teams
  • Break-down team silos
  • Better coordination between teams working on two different applications

II. Better Transparency is Possible Now

When there is good integration between the two systems, you can get a complete view of all the activities that happen in your organization. What does it imply? It shows that you get a centralized system in your workplace, whether in getting access to project details, interacting with customers, or even preparing the sales pipeline genuinely.

Furthermore, if any customer issues come to the front, there are no misconceptions between the teams. It happens because there is a greater reduction of gaps that helps teams to solve problems quickly with no compromise with transparency.

III. There is a Great Level of Satisfaction Among Customers

Many exciting things come with the integration of Salesforce with Jira. One of them is offering a 3600 view about the functioning of different teams under a single platform. With it, the flaws can be found and resolved quickly that further enhance the customer experience.

Likewise, it also ensures that your service or support team can have quick access to all the data related to your customers. So, the presence of such efficient information helps them to manage any given issue at any time. Moreover, it results in major perfection in reducing case resolution time. And the end result: A high level of satisfaction among the customers that make them more loyal to your services.

IV. Eliminate all the Redundant Processes

In previous times, most of the companies had to work manually. It was not only time-consuming but also created irritation among the employees. The result: Decrease in output and proficiency. What is the solution?

The answer is an amalgamation of Salesforce and Jira whom integration ensures real-time sync between all the operations. So, all Salesforce CRM consulting services implement it to reduce manual data entry through automation that reduces data duplicity and proper management of unscattered data. With such factors, it will be an easier task for every team to accomplish their project goal with no errors and in time.

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V. Time Management Brings Enormous Success

For many organizations, handling tasks related to management and admin wastes a precious amount of time. Now, the combination of Salesforce and Jira helps management in reducing the time taken in doing work manually. Instead, it brings out automation in the business procedures and boosts productivity manually. What is its significance?

The importance lay in the fact that not only does it improve efficiency; it also saves a great quantity of time that ultimately helps in reducing all the expenses. Therefore, the integration of the given two solutions helps in improving productivity, streamlines the whole procedure, and recovers the operational quality of your business.

VI. Reporting and Analytics Expands Enormously

When there is a combination of data from both Salesforce and Jira, you will get successful results. Yes, it’s true! Do you know why it happens? Jira is a project management technology that combines with Salesforce CRM to create excellent reporting features.

Moreover, the presence of Salesforce Einstein Analytics offers weekly updates with a simple layout where there is no need for coding when Jira collaborates with it. For your employees, they can access information about each customer so that they can analyze their issues and offer effective results to boost the morale of your teams.

Wrapping Up

From the given blog, users have a lookout for numerous reasons that suggest integration of Salesforce with Jira comes with exciting benefits for every business that incorporates CRM in their functioning. With Salesforce Jira integration, there is a significant boost in the working efficiency, yielding higher ROI and thus saving valuable time.


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