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What’s New In Salesforce DX Open Beta?

Last year Dreamforce gave us another mind blowing way to manage and develop Salesforce apps in a lucid fashion throughout the entire app lifecycle. This year we are pleased to witness the launch of Salesforce DX Open Beta. Salesforce DX is now widely available in all the business and production org.

All About Salesforce DX

Last year the focus was on a modern and fresh approach to developing on the Salesforce platform esp Now Salesforce DX makes it simpler for developers to build and deliver simultaneously improving productivity.

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The main highlights being:

  • Salesforce DX provides an integrated environment that allows you to work individually or as a team. It caters to an end to end lifecycle for high-performance agile development. Moreover, it is open and flexible, you can build together with the tools you choose.
  • It also provides you with the benefit of source driven development. With Salesforce DX you can benefit from high-level collaboration like Git to control everything across your team.
  • Rapid testing: with Salesforce DX you can easily spin up the required scratch orgs to verify your code.
  • Salesforce DX gives you an amazingly open and standard developer experience. It aids you with tools you choose and that meet the needs of your team. It is built around strong and extremely powerful APIs and command line interface.
  • Salesforce DX has come up with fresh ideas to organize your metadata as well as new ways to distribute your apps. With brand new packing customers can easily adopt a source-driven and CLI-centric approach to managing the end-to-end lifecycle of their app, delivering it in a highly efficient manner.

What’s New In DX Beta?

Salesforce has always been improving based on customer feedback and convenience. But here are some new and exciting features to look forward to in Salesforce DX Open Beta:

  • The Env Hub has been replaced by the Dev Hub for efficient management of the scratch orgs.
  • The scratch org definition values are now included in the Salesforce CLI.
  • Salesforce DX Open Beta has an enhanced source format for lucid management of the version control system.
  • Support is now included for the Lightning Test service and Lightning linking to the Salesforce CLI.
  • They have added secure testing and distribution of the managed packages through the installation keys.
  • The workspace upgrade command aids in transitioning projects to beta.
  • There is a Salesforce CLI binary that runs simultaneously with the Heroku CLI.
  • It has enhanced org information from force:org:list and force:org:display.
  • It allows for a better, more graceful handling of domain propagation wait time.
  • Greatly enhanced Apex Test error reporting and performance.
  • With Salesforce DX Open Beta you can automatically add new components to a managed package in Packaging orgs with force:mdapi:deploy.

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After packaging and repackaging and a lot of effort and customer consideration, Salesforce upgraded Salesforce DX to Open Beta. Salesforce continues to implement changes with the convenience of its users the top priority. Go ahead and experience this fresh development environment, we’re confident you’ll love it!

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