What is the Grant Management System in Salesforce? All You Need to Know

What is the Grant Management System in Salesforce? | All You Need to Know

Grant Management in Salesforce is a component of the Nonprofit Success Package (NPSP). In this package, Salesforce will award her 10 free licenses to some or all eligible nonprofits through its 'Power of Us' program. 

Features/Benefits of Salesforce Grants Managements:

  • Connect Grants and Programs: Organizations use Salesforce's grant management package to connect programs and awards. With equivalent knowledge, grant, and program managers navigate grant applications and grant stages, plan payments, expenditures, and balances, and manage grants throughout the grant cycle.  

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  • Streamline the applying method: Using pre-designed models for each grant, grantors customize grant applications to support the unique aspirations of each funding opportunity. Grantees send individual invitations to organizations they consider to be perfect alternatives. Once submission sections are submitted, they're stored in Salesforce, so reps can get a complete report on each recipient, and the group can easily collaborate and review knowledge later. You can always hire a Salesforce consultant for the great advice. 
  • Upgrade the grantee experience: Finding and applying for scholarships requires a lot of time and resources to find your intended goals. A bespoke scholarship portal makes it easy for scholarship holders to search and apply for funding opportunities, as well as check application status. Grant recipients can use the portal to submit up-to-date progress reports, review incomplete payments, and review the expected terms of the grant before receiving it.
  • Gain a holistic read of Due Diligence: Do this before you decide that your non-commercial partner needs to take a position. Grantors can choose from preloaded templates that can be modified based on program, grant size, budget, and more. Previous validation trials are mechanically stored, so grant administrators should not repeat this method if a previous human has applied. There is even historical background as to why affiliates have been unfunded in the past.  
  • Easy reporting: Bring your grantees together and put their various skills to good use while working with Salesforce. Ready-made reports make it quick and easy to get a complete picture of your fundraising program without involving your IT team or worrying about outdated knowledge. 

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Roles in the Grants Management System 

  1. Admin: Admin is an abbreviation for Administrator and is a person who makes up an organization. 
  2. Grantmaker: A person responsible for the grant, reviewing applications for funding, and making spending decisions. This is a collective term for internal users of Grants Management, but they have a completely different position within the organization.
  3. Grantseeker: A person outside your organization seeking funding from your organization. You can apply for the funding program by visiting the portal. 
  4. Grantee: A person outside the organization who receives funding from the organization. 


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