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Upcoming Market Trends in Salesforce CRM

SALESFORCE has reached a long distance since late nineties. That was the time, when people use to consider it as a business tool for Salesforce automation and customer relationship management. NOW! It is evolving as PaaS(Platform as a Service) and creative platforms, allowing companies to enhance their social and front office capabilities. Salesforce products are Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and”

Currently, salesforce product has become a valuable enterprise gizmo with the integration of high-tech tools, features and capabilities…………..

In coming years………………adapting to varying business needs…………

By: Ajeet Singh; Co-founder, Director, Algoworks Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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NEWS UPDATE : (Monday, 26 August 2013) Salesforce is consistently growing in technology and I’m seeing this as a huge business opportunity. It is not only accelerating growth, but also doubling down your business methodology. As you are aware, Salesforce products are totally subscription based, so it offers maximum scalability and availability for users. I recently observed that 50% of business marketing is done using social media platform. Therefore, in order to make your business social, you need to create a solid bridge between your customers and business executives.

Question arises, why Salesforce only? It is an integrate business tool, helps you build lifelong relationship with your customer, drives business processing and lets you manage overall business campaign, web portal, mobile accessing, team collaboration, real time work analysis and others. Application deployment with Salesforce is much quicker compare to other hosted applications. Also in future, will come up with tremendous facilities and enhancements. I remember that earlier, we’d spend several hours for adding fields and features in application, but now we can do it with simple drag and drop action.

“In Obama’s presidential campaign, 2012, professionals demonstrated good and valued features of products such as quick and easy adoption, customer engagement, social media marketing, workflow automation and more.”

“Last week, acquired ExactTarget, a marketing software leader for $2.5 billion. That is the biggest software acquisition ever.”

I’ve been a part of this industry for last 10 years. I’m seeing that business software products are growing rapidly. As Salesforce is a crucial one, so we’re waiting for new trends and innovation with it.

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Salesforce upcoming trends… dream big with wide eyes…

In future, It’ll give more mobility to user with handhelds computer, wireless e-mail devices, notes and other smartphones. It is going to offer you more careful, accurate and constant campaign tracking. Sales executives will easily manage their customers with sophisticated social mediums including YouTube, Facebook, Chat Rooms, Video Portals and more.

Salesforce is focusing to have “HTML5 as a user interface”. Moreover, at Dreamforce, they’re choosing the platform, in which Salesforce automation application will run on HTML5. even offers the specialized tool to build services in HTML5.

In future, HTML5 will be a part of salesforce core application,, and Heroku development stacks. Additionally, we’ll be able to re-conceptualize the product that we’ve already created.

I personally believe that it would be far more advanced from the current one.

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