Top Reasons to Learn Salesforce

Salesforce is the number one CRM (customer relationship management) and cloud-based platform that enables companies to manage, organize and track their internal information effectively and efficiently. As a CRM, Salesforce helps businesses to improve service delivery to clients through data analysis of customer history and by providing insights. The Salesforce platform also allows individuals and organizations to easily create or use standard applications that they have developed on their own.

Figure 1: The Salesforce economy

The infographic lays out the impact that Salesforce has across the world and across different industries. That said, if you are still uncertain about whether it is a good idea to learn Salesforce or not, go check out some Salesforce Forums and you ‘ll know the energy levels and enthusiasm of one and all. And if that is not what convinces you, here are a few points that should sway you to take up the challenge and learn Salesforce.

Gain a comprehensive knowledge of the platform

By learning Salesforce, you will acquire hard-earned skills and learning about the platform either (or both) from a technical perspective and a non-technical perspective. Essentially, you could either become an Administrator, App Builder, Developer, Architect, Specialist or Consultant. It’s up to you to decide which certification track suits you the best. As you continue to grow your skills in any particular certification track, you will gain advanced knowledge that will help you in a variety of ways.

Additionally, you will also learn to use several tools that will help you become an advanced Salesforce user or teacher. Some of the different tools that Salesforce provides include:

  • Sales Cloud allows users to sell faster and smarter. For example, through B2B marketing automation, a purpose-built productivity console inside sales or through personalized portals that connect partners with sales.
  • Service Cloud allows users to increase customer satisfaction by delivering better support.
  • Marketing Cloud that empowers users to build stronger customer relationships, for example, through customer journey management, social media marketing, mobile messaging, email marketing, digital advertising, and data sharing.
  • Commerce Cloud helps users to grow revenue faster by building e-commerce experiences powered by AI. For example, through omnichannel order fulfillment.
  • Heroku that allows users to build engaging experiences using custom apps
  • Lightning Platform enables users to develop their own apps and extend the functionality of the entire platform in different ways. For example, building branded websites or forums, building drag-and-drop components or access to a developer environment to build custom apps.
  • MuleSoft Anypoint Integration that allows users to connect devices, data and apps on-premises or in the cloud with each other
  • Einstein Analytics enables users to access AI-powered analytics

Better understand how organizations work

Learning and understanding how Salesforce works allow you to understand how the different components of an organization work together for the good of the entire business. As such, if you are going for a job interview, you can easily have context about a company’s needs. If you’re managing your own business, you have a better overview of the workings of your organization but also how to make your business become more efficient at rendering services or providing products to customers. Additionally, by learning Salesforce, you can also get a glimpse into how your competitors operate simply because Salesforce is widely used by the best performing businesses.

Improve insights and analytical skills

Salesforce is meant to make you efficient if you need to optimize and grow business. Once you learn how data can help decision-making, there is never going back from to the world of ‘gut feeling’ to run your business. Better yet, you can easily make improvements based on past data or replicate results by utilizing the proficiency that you have gained from your previous experiences using Salesforce.

Improve your daily performance

As a CRM, Salesforce basically allows you to manage customer relationships or to keep track of current and future customers. However, Salesforce has grown from being just a CRM to a Customer Success Platform. Essentially, Salesforce started as a CRM, purchased a lot of companies down the line and now allows users to manage all their data from within the same platform.

By learning Salesforce, you inevitably become better at performing day to day tasks that you want to accomplish. Consider the alternative. If you work in sales but do not use CRM capabilities, then you probably use several complicated spreadsheets to track your calendar’s/calendar information and address books/address book information. If you learn how to use Salesforce, then you can use the platform to bring all the data that you have onto a single platform. Beyond that, you will not only have access to the data on your computer, but you can also have access to it on-the-go through a mobile device.

Additionally, the data is not latent but can be analyzed to provide insights that can be used for better management and forecasting, which allows you to be more productive and efficient. At the end of the day, Salesforce helps individuals and companies spend less time working on spreadsheets, which means more time actually selling.

Better opportunities and pay

If you want to build your career, learning Salesforce and acquiring a certification can help you in several ways. You shall add value to your profile resulting in better opportunities for employment and advancing your career.

Figure 2: Salesforce allows you to improve career opportunities, growth opportunities and increased wages

Through Salesforce certification you prove to employers that you have experience and the best abilities to handle different situations in an organization from handling customers to coming up with innovative strategies to mitigate future challenges and grow the business.

Over to you

Salesforce is indeed a powerhouse to reckon with in almost every type of industry today and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. Whether you want to grow your career or your business, you will undoubtedly learn a lot from studying Salesforce. The upside of learning Salesforce far outweighs any downside that you can think of. So, what are you waiting for? Over to you!

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