Top 5 Benefits of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

As the number of online shoppers continues to increase rapidly, businesses must adapt to this growing market. To attract customers and expand their online presence, brands need a quality platform that can support their e-commerce business and drive overall growth. When it comes to scalability, agility, and market operations, Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) stands out as the top choice. Built on multiple tools, SFCC offers countless benefits, including the following five key advantages.

Key Advantages of Commerce Cloud

1. Quality Marketing Tools

Within the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform, you can find an array of exceptional marketing tools that empower merchants, brand marketers, and content creators. By utilizing these tools, brand owners can effectively market their products to the right consumers, skyrocketing their sales rate. SFCC allows A/B testing, enabling businesses to optimize search queries based on customer search intent, thereby increasing product visibility. The platform also enables businesses to run, track, and manage marketing campaigns, such as email or social media marketing, all in one place, facilitating brand growth.

2. Predictive Intelligence

Salesforce introduces Einstein AI, a next-generation AI platform, to help e-commerce businesses harness the power of artificial intelligence seamlessly. With Einstein AI, businesses can eliminate the need for manual data analysis and third-party extensions. Key attributes of the Einstein AI system include:

  • Automating merchandising tasks, saving valuable time and money.
  • Recommending the best products to consumers, increasing conversions.
  • Providing data-driven insights for improved decision-making.
  • Offering real-time predictions for online shoppers during each visit.

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3. Storefront Internalization

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the only cloud-based platform that allows organizations to manage multiple storefronts across various global locations from a single platform. With SFCC's attributes, businesses can effortlessly handle multi-language support, unlimited processes, and multi-currency transactions. Managing product data sets for different e-commerce stores becomes seamless, including pricing, product availability, and more.

4. Rich Mobile Experience

The number of online shoppers using smartphones continues to soar, emphasizing the need for mobile-friendly and responsive e-commerce experiences. Google's ranking factors have also shifted towards mobile-first indexing, page loading speed, and mobile responsiveness. SFCC addresses this by focusing on a mobile-first business approach. Known previously as Demandware, SFCC has gained recognition for offering excellent shopping experiences for mobile shoppers.

5. Omni-channel Capabilities

Salesforce Commerce Cloud empowers merchants with top-notch functionality to seamlessly run their organizations across omnichannel platforms. Through Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions, e-tailers can handle operations like order management, sales, conversions, inventory management, and marketing campaigns all in one place. This flexibility and omnichannel features save valuable time and effort for businesses.

Quality Customer Support

Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides comprehensive and round-the-clock support, ensuring that your brand runs smoothly and experiences uninterrupted growth. From upgrading security to fixing code issues, the support offered by SFCC covers a wide range of services.

Concluding Thoughts

Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers unlimited benefits for businesses looking to enhance their online presence and expand their reach. From comprehensive social extensions to reducing merchandising efforts through seamless integration of products, pricing, and catalogs, SFCC empowers merchants to engage and guide consumers effectively. By utilizing product recommendations and customer segmentation, businesses can deliver a smart and personalized shopping experience. This is just the beginning of what SFCC has to offer, and e-tailers can transform their business with these remarkable features.

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