Org Migration

Salesforce Org Migration to Hyperforce

What is Org Migration?

In order to arrange for our customers' continuing growth, we have a tendency to sometimes ought to perform associate degree activity referred to as associate degree Org Migration. execution org migrations permit Salesforce to continue providing customers with identical levels of performance they need return to expect. The lightness and execution of org migrations enable Salesforce to balance activity among our infrastructure and avoid resource contentions. During associate degree org migration, your org moves from one instance to a different. If you follow our best practices, this maintenance ought to be seamless.    

What is Hyperforce?

Hyperforce is the Salesforce’s next generation infrastructure design. It’s the reimagination of the company’s platform design designed to secure and dependably deliver the Salesforce client 360, as well as sales cloud, service cloud, promoting cloud, commerce cloud, and more, all on major public clouds.  

Hyperforce is intended to deliver the foremost relevant solutions to all or any digital work from any place within the world with quick time-to-value and suppleness. With Hyperforce we have a tendency to maintain all our all-best industry-leading practices and embedded them natively, guaranteeing security and privacy of information from Salesforce and public cloud suppliers.  

With Hyperforce, we have a tendency to scale our product portfolio to new geographies on high of public cloud infrastructure to support the expansion and success of Salesforce world client base that faces new needs and standards each day.  

First-party Information Centre VS. Hyperforce

When scrutiny our current 1st party infrastructure with Hyperforce the key factor to notice is that it’s associate degree evolution of the information center supplier. we'll now not run the physical infrastructure ourselves, however run services on the general public cloud supplier hardware instead. we will then specialise in the layers in our control- the platform, the cloud, the options and make sure that they're compliant, secure, and meeting client wants. With Hyperforce, the Salesforce infrastructure has been redesigned from ground up, taking advantage of the key innovations these public cloud suppliers have and permit salesforce to continue initiate in our product and repair offerings on identical foundation for the predictable future.   

Benefits of Hyperforce

  1. Scalability- As your business grows quickly the Salesforce has the flexibility to confirm we've enough capability to grow with you, because of our ability to scale out infrastructure quickly.  
  2. Secure- your information is even as secure if no more secure than before  
  3. Compliance-you will currently have your information hold on domestically, that helps you to adjust to native information laws and   
  4. Compatibility-all these edges backward compatible with the means your users expertise our product and services these days.    

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Preparations for Org Migration

Eligibility of Associate Degree Org

Salesforce runs eligibility criteria check on org before migration, in order that migration would be a seamless method. we have a tendency to run these checks internally supported your Salesforce usage and use the knowledge to visualize whether or not the org is prepared for migration onto Hyperforce. A number of these checks involve distinguishing orgs that square measure exploitation explicit services or options that square measure presently not obtainable on hyperforce and hold these orgs faraway from migration.  

Enabling My Domain

(NOTE: My Domain is needed for purchasers that have requested the org migration.), and if you have got any hard-coded references (for example, confirm that you simply update them to relative URLs (for example, or your My Domain subdomain) before the org migration.    

Key Benefits:

  • Single universal resource locator to recollect   
  • Personalized universal resource locator  
  • Social register  
  • Avoid hard-coded URLs for API integration  

Best Practices in Relevance My Domain

  • Test changes in sandbox 1st  
  • Communicate to users concerning the modification   
  • Make the modification throughout non-business hours.  

Understanding the Hyperforce Migration Timeline


The migration method is concerning three hrs. and also the org is accessible in mere read-only-mode half-hour before migration. 

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Best practices of Org Migration

  1. Remove Hard-Coded References

Hard-coded references square measure links in code or data that check with a particular Salesforce instance. as an example, the universal resource locator may be a hard-coded respect to the AP28 instance. A link like this can fail if and once the target org on AP28 migrates to a different instance.  

To prevent this, make sure that links among your application check with instance-less URLs like or  

Important Note: for state Cloud, isn't supported. Login access is accessible solely through My Domain.  

My Domain lets a client specify a reputation to incorporate in their Salesforce org URLs. additionally to facultative consistent access through org migrations, My Domain is additionally a demand for heaps of practicality as well as SSO and Lightning. As of Winter ‘22, all Salesforce orgs should have a My Domain enabled. this can be enforced .  

For links among associate degree org you'll be able to use relative URLs like / rather than a full path.  

You can conjointly make the most of the tools obtainable among the platform to programmatically produce universal resource locators like the URLFOR perform or the Apex URL category.  

  1. Enable All Applicable Salesforce Information Processing Ranges and Domains

For your integrations, Salesforce recommends permitting all Salesforce information processing addresses and domains in your firewall filters. Salesforce conjointly recommends bookmarking and frequently checking the document to confirm that you simply square measure maintaining as Salesforce updates its infrastructure.  

For Hyperforce, it's crucial that each one needed Salesforce domains square measure enabled so as to take care of property to customers on Hyperforce instances.  

To help you guarantee your application meets these and alternative best practices, use the ISV Technical Enablement Plugin for SalesforceDX. This plugin is in a position to scan your package for hard-coded references and tell you wherever to mend them. 


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