Salesforce Integrations That Can Transform Your Daily Business Operations

If we talk about Salesforce, there are areas in which it adds to the business. From sales to marketing, Salesforce has got something to benefit a company. It provides numerous features and tools that help teams grow in their respective departments while improving productivity just as they had been wanting. But Salesforce isn’t the only thing you have been using in your firm. There would surely be many other applications that you are using to simplify your work. Bringing all those applications together with Salesforce is your way to boost productivity. 

One of the best things about Salesforce is its ability to integrate with other third-party applications you have used in your business. This allows users to access multiple apps within Salesforce only, thus saving them from continuously switching between systems to get the necessary data. Salesforce can be integrated using APIs, connectors, or other apps.  

No wonder many apps can be integrated with Salesforce, but some always top the list regarding improved efficiency and productivity. In this article, we’ll be talking about some such popular Salesforce API integrations that have revolutionized how teams work.   

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Top Salesforce Integrations That You Must Consider Using 

Whether it is about conducting marketing for your business or improving your company's sales, you’d surely be using one or the other application or system to handle the work. But fortunately, now you can integrate those applications you can use with Salesforce and access the same within the CRM.  

So, now you need to know exactly which Salesforce integrations can be more helpful for you. As you keep reading, you’ll discover some of the most trusted and fruitful Salesforce integrations you must try.  

  1. Outlook 

If you are actively working on conducting marketing for your brand, interacting with customers over email won’t be a new thing for you. From running personalized campaigns to managing queries over emails, you’d surely have to access your email inbox many times a day. With the help of Salesforce Outlook integration, you can now view your Outlook inbox within Salesforce only.  

Additionally, the integration allows teams to create and send emails, run campaigns, set meetings, and get reminders for the same while using Salesforce. So, with the integration, you no longer have to worry about missing out on replying to any email or forgetting about any scheduled meeting. Salesforce has got you covered.  

  1. Conga Composer

It could be very time-consuming for teams to generate documents they need to handle manually. Especially for a salesperson, who already has a lot on their plate, it could be very exhausting to generate and track documentation manually. That’s where Salesforce integration with Conga Composer can be a great help. The integration would enable you to use data within your Salesforce org and would allow you to generate documents dynamically quickly. Whether it is a contract or any project proposal, all of it can be generated with the help of this integration.  

The integration would enable you to generate documents in PDF or Word forms, depending on the user's requirement. Along with generating documents, the integration would enable you to send the documents to the respective client.  

  1. Slack

When you are working in teams, it could certainly be very important to have a reliable platform to communicate with other team members and work together. You might want approvals from a manager or opinion from a colleague, and for that, there should be a trusted tool or platform that you can use. That’s the job Slack does for companies. And the best thing is you can access the engagement data and platform from within Salesforce only.  

With the help of Salesforce Slack integration, you can easily track and manage essential Salesforce data, enabling teams to view the real-time updates of Slack within it. The teams can engage with each other while having all the needed sales data within a single view. Teams can easily look for any Salesforce document and share it on Slack from the Salesforce interface only. Also, any suggestion or quotation can be shared with the Slack inbox while you work on Salesforce. 

  1. MailChimp

When an email is a vital part of your marketing strategy, you’d do every effort to make your campaigns count and acquire the needed results. You need to work on sending out personalized emails with suggestions and recommendations that are related to the interest and behavior of the user. This is where companies are actively using salesforce MailChimp and running campaigns to get the user's attention. But the good thing is you can access all your MailChimp campaigns from within Salesforce.  

The integration will allow you quick access to all the information about customers you have maintained in your Salesforce org and create and run emails from your same interface. You can easily evaluate your data and MailChaimp to effectively plan your email marketing campaigns from within Salesforce. Not only this, but you can also track the performance of your campaigns and where you need to work more to get better results and attention.  

  1. HubSpot

For a Salesforce user, considering HubSpot Salesforce integration can be a booster rocket for the company's sales. The integration will allow you to integrate your sales channels with Salesforce while having the power of inbound marketing. This will ultimately align your teams to efficiently track both kinds of information on a single system and act accordingly.  

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Integrating your Salesforce with HubSpot will enable your marketing team always to have easy access and view of the data related to customers and campaigns. Marketers usually face challenges in tracking what happened to the leads that they handed over to the sales team. With this integration, they can always view the sales team's progress with any respective lead. They can always measure their campaigns accurately while evaluating the areas they need to improve. This would help teams build and run better campaigns that could bring in more leads for the company.  

Integration Salesforce with Application You Use With Experts 

It is quite clear that integrating Salesforce with your existing applications is a great way to increase the potential of your CRM. This will also give you better command over the data and campaigns that you have been managing. Leveraging Salesforce integration is a way to have all the data you need right in front of your eyes, saving you from constantly keep switching between systems to find any particular set of information from any respective application. All of it can easily be accessed within Salesforce. 

If you are a growing company, you surely be using different applications to manage sales, plan and run marketing campaigns, manage employee records, manage finances, track production, and all other aspects of your business. Having all these disparate systems might help an individual team to work but would keep the other team away from the needed information. Salesforce integration would enable businesses to integrate all these applications, so the needed data can be easily accessed over the centralized platform. So, whether you are from the sales or marketing teams, you would all have a view of the progress of your leads. This kind of integration can transform your operations and improve collaboration. So, it’s time to reach out to 360 Degree Cloud and talk to experts to discover what Salesforce integrations bring the transformation for your business. 


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