Top 5 Questions Asked for Salesforce Document Management

Top 5 Questions Asked for Salesforce Document Management

Massive number of documents required to be managed in any CRM solution apart by just uploading and sharing the documents. So users expect CRM to be more than a document repository, as workflows, proposals. agreements, various clients information and much more are required to be managed at a time. It is wiser to interplay between CRM and DMS as it is compatible to desktop as well as mobile devices.

Salesforce has pack of 5 in-built document management capabilities:

  1. Files Home -  Chatter used for collaboration uses document management to share and upload files. A team working mutually on client proposal or any other documentation can sync Files Home across all desktop and mobile devices.
  2. Salesforce Knowledge - It is a knowledge sharing platform commonly used by any corporates to create a base for the information sharing. It somewhere simply works like a Google Docs where the authorized person can create, modify, search and share the articles with others. i.e. client portal or a co-worker portal.
  3. Salesforce CRM Content - A prominent Document tool in SalesForce allows users to make, design, replicate the case studies or important project presentations for the company. It merely works as a packet of content which can be shared amongst the internal group as well as to the other external users.
  4. Attachments - It lets the user to form Attachment lists and files in a specific record.
  5. Documents Tab - Store the Visualforce files here. This file is not attached to the records but can be accessed or used as per the requirements. Like logo is varied sizes are stored and as per the required document size constraint the image can be attached.

Knowledge sharing of the core tool is not just an end. Our team has found some of the FAQs raised by the Salesforce active users, lets see what Salesforce has answers for it.

Salesforce document management

Deep Diving in a Questionary for Salesforce Document Management

1. Mass Document Uploading

Q - I have a huge amount of data files to attach and store for my tasks, do Salesforce document management tool let me upload documents in a bulk at one shoot?

A - Of course, Data Loader let you add a number of links and documents at a time. Even CRM content libraries let you update documents with similar IDs. Wiser is to update systematically in CRM records so that duplication of existing files doesn't take place.

2. Automation Tools for Document Update

Q - I am using OOTB Salesforce tools in my CRM solution, can it support me to automatically update the documents or I need to have some other tool for this purpose?

A - No need for add-on tool, as Salesforce itself, has the automation capabilities. CRM has automation options where user to manage the track can subscribe to topics and files and even the entire libraries. Salesforce Automation Toolkit itself caters automated options for review, approval and changing document status email notifications for documents and contracts. For any complex logic, Process Builder and Visual Workflow are always to the rescue.

3. Salesforce Lightning support and Document Searching

Q - How can I quick search my documents amongst number of document in the existing Salesforce CRM content, and do Lightning support is offered along?

A - To hard luck, Lightning is still not supported by Document management. Still, the former method to juggle to Salesforce Classic needs to be followed to share or access the documents. Hope that soon the support will be provided looking to the rage and concerns. The global search engine functionality is provided by Salesforce to efficiently search the files or content in the internal/ external document repository. Advanced multiple filters and search based on tags, file text, description and title is also given.

4. Access to Files outside Salesforce Storage Repository

Q - To be habituated to store files in Box, OneDrive and Google Drive, now with Salesforce, can I continue with same or I need to shift?

A - Storage space in Salesforce is already limited, so rather than extending the limits, it recommended to used cloud-based storage services. It is actually more feasible. Salesforce File Connect, a tool of OOTB has limitations, so good to opt an alternative. Link your file repositories to Salesforce records and access, search and manage it hassle-free.

5. Salesforce Document Management, a right choice

Q - Why out of all - OOTB, External and Custom Salesforce Document Management tool, only the Salesforce is highly recommended? What are the real perks of its adoption?

A - Main benefits are mentioned here -

  • Native to the Salesforce platform
  • No extra integration and support required
  • Free to all licensed users
  • Complex workflows of approvals can be managed

Limitation is the storage spaces, but it can be managed by developing the custom solution that fits your needs. AppExchange related tools are also the preferable alternatives. It is more cost cutting to integrate with the document management system rather than customizing the existing platform solution.
Our Salesforce Development team has tried to answers commonly asked questions to ease the complexities and lessen the confusions. Hope it leads helpful to you even.

The Final Say

150,000+ companies till now have their Salesforce solution developed and have blazing outcomes with this number ONE CRM platform. Clubbing Document Management with Salesforce is a positive step ahead. Engage your customers on a single Salesforce platform now as it can be accessed from anywhere and on any devices. Let your end-clients enjoy the merits of Salesforce Document Management along with the CRM solution. Bonus is something that anyone is blissful to receive.

For any more queries or any of the doubts, feel free to drop a mail or a comment.

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