Approval Process in Salesforce

Requirements for Approval Process in Salesforce - All You Need to Know

Requirements for Approval Process

  1. For what object?
  2. What criteria do we need to define for a record which needs an approval process?
  3. Define Approver. Will it be the manager or anyone.
    • For eg. Opportunity.DeliveryInstallationStatus__c = Completed( Custom Picklist Field), Opportunity.Type = Existing Customer - Upgrade, Opportunity.OrderNumber__c > 4
  4. Now we have to define an action i.e. what will happen when your approval process gets approved, otherwise what will happen when it gets rejected.
  5. Suppose your manager approves, what will you do like sending an email i.e Opportunity.OrderNumber__c > 4.
  6. So now we are going to discuss four actions:
    • Approved
    • Rejected
    • Pending
    • Recalled
  7. Now we are going to make one picklist field ApprovalStatus on Opportunity (having values Approved, Rejected, Pending, Cancelled, Not Required) which is going to give us the status from the picklist values.
  8. Let’s create an Approval Process.
  9. Search Approval Process in QuikFind/Search and Click on it.
  10. Firstly, select the object in section Manage Approval Processes for i.e in our case Opportunity.

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  1. Then click on New Approval Process and select Use JumpStart Wizard.
  2. Name your approval process which is relevant to your objective.
  3. Fill your criteria in the Specify Criteria section, in this also you have two options, you can use criteria to meet or formula evaluates to true, amongst them, you can decide according to the needs of the criteria.
  4. Now there are options for choosing approver manually.
  5. In our case, we are selecting Automatically assigned to approver(s).
  6. In this case, you can choose the user of your own choice.
  7. Save the approval process.
  8. A new page is open on that same window showing an option View Approval Process detail page. Click on it.
  9. Now you see the detail page in details provided by us previously are clearly shown.
  10. Now see there are various action steps and we have to proceed one by one.
  11. The first steps are Initial Submission Actions in which click on Add New and click on Field Update.
  12. Then name it and select the field which we have created on Opportunity as Approval Status in the 7th step.
  13. Select the value as Pending in this step.
  14. Similarly, define final approval actions that are Approved.
  15. Now let’s define final rejection actions i.e. what happens if it gets rejected i.e. Rejected.
  16. A similar process for Recall actions i.e select Cancelled.

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Remember one thing you can add more than one action in all types of actions like if you also want to notify by sending an email or want to send an outbound message, you can just select these actions under the Add New drop-down in every action and can choose to perform as per your requirements.

Finally, we just created an Approval Process as I have illustrated all the actions performed in the Approval Process in the above steps.

Thanks for reading this far, you have any doubt regarding anything, feel free to ask!


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