Boost productivity with the Salesforce Inspector Chrome Extension

With digitization, the workload in every organization is growing exponentially, creating a lot of mundane, but essential tasks. These activities are time-consuming and not so productive to start with, but are extremely important to the workflow of the firm. Tackling these exhausting and repetitive tasks requires a shortcut that doesn’t affect the quality of the outcome. Salesforce Inspector Chrome Extension is the perfect solution for this challenge. It is a simple, open-source extension available in the Chrome Web Store. This Chrome Extension has gained popularity among developers, admins, and testers due to its multitenant features and compact nature. Salesforce Inspector makes things convenient by giving a quick view of objects and the ability to complete tasks in a few clicks.

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6 Striking Features of Salesforce Inspector to assist you at your workplace:1. A quick glance of field Metadata

Salesforce Inspector has this “Show file Metadata” feature, which allows you to scan the field information originating from any edit page, detail page or Visualforce page. The field can be further viewed in great detail by following the detail page. You only need to hover your cursor over an area to get the information; if its formula oriented, then it will display the method. Also, it provides the Auto and unique Number along with external ID in the detailed page.

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2. Displaying Data effectively with Salesforce Inspector:

The “Show all data” feature of the Salesforce Inspector is an advanced version of View Field feature available in the quick access menu of, which helps the user to identify API Name, Field Label, and data type of all fields. But, Salesforce Inspector gives a better and detailed view of the field types by displaying the values of the fields. Also, it lets you view the values of the fields which are not present in the page layout.


3. A pocket tool for importing and exporting data in Salesforce

Salesforce Inspector as a Chrome Extension also serves the purpose of transacting Data in and out from Salesforce. The Exported Data can be further formatted to Excel or JSON or CSV file. It also enables the user to transport any deleted data in the recycle bin or transport an archived record.

While using the “Data Import” feature of Salesforce Inspector, the user can Insert, Upsert, Update or Delete any record in the format of excel or CSV file in the Salesforce.

4. Have Omniscience over your firm’s limitations with Salesforce Inspector

This Chrome Extension for Salesforce will help you gain profound insights into your organization in a single look with the help of multiple visual meters that indicate the critical points and limits of your organizational processes in the form of percentages. Some of these attributes are  Hourly Time-based Workflow, Daily API requests, Daily Async Apex execution, and other relevant parameters.

5. Download All your organization’s Metadata in seconds

Salesforce Inspector also works as Metadata storage. All the Metadata of your organization or firm can be accessed and instantly downloaded and saved as an XML document. Using a deployment tool, these Metadata can be deployed to other organizations directly.

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6. Exploring APIs seamlessly

Last but not least, Salesforce Inspector can be used as a quick REST API exploratory for the organization so that it is always convenient to access the APIs whenever needed.

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Regulate your CRM effectively with the productivity of Salesforce Inspector

This Chrome Extension is now also available for the Firefox internet browser. Salesforce Inspector offers you the key benefit of quick glancing, batch operations, and a set of multi-purpose tools, all packed concisely, so you can get quickly close all the time-consuming non-cerebral tasks and focus on the more complicated challenges that you encounter.

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