Order of execution in Salesforce

Order of Execution in Salesforce

Order of execution in salesforce is like an ABC in Salesforce World, make sure you should understand:-

  1. System Validation rule(required field, field format).
  2. Before Trigger are executed.
  3. Custom Validation rules are checked.
  4. After Triggers are executed.
  5. Assignment Rules are executed.
  6. Auto-Response rules are executed.
  7. Workflow Rules are executed.
  8. Before and After Trigger are executed one or more time if the workflow rule updates a field.
  9. Escalations Rules are executed.
  10. Parent Rollup Summary  Formula or Cross Object Formula fields are updated in the respective objects.
  11. Criteria based Sharing rules are evaluated.
  12. Any Post-Commit Logic is executed.

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