Importing Data

Notes on Importing Data | Salesforce Developer Guide

Required Salesforce Editions

It is available in Salesforce Classic (not accessible by and large association) and Salesforce Lightning Experience both.

Your Salesforce version figures out which sorts of items you are going to import in your organization. 

Field Accessibility

You can bring values into a field as long as you have perused and alter get to. Salesforce client authorizations, page design tasks, and field-level security settings decide field get to.

Field-level security is realistic in the accompanying Salesforce Editions i.e., Professional Edition, Enterprise Edition, Unlimited Edition, Performance Edition, and Developer Edition.

New Values for Picklists and Multi-Select Picklists

If you are going to import picklist esteem that does not coordinate current picklist esteem.

For an unhindered picklist, the Data Import Wizard utilizes the value that is inside the import record in the org.

For a confined picklist, the Data Import Wizard utilizes the picklist's default esteem.

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Multi-Select Picklists

To bring different qualities into a multi-select picklist, separate the qualities by a semicolon in your import file (Which is in .csv format).

You can import up to 100 qualities one after another during a multi-select picklist field. In the event that you have more than 100 qualities in your import document for anyone record, the import wizard leaves the part clear in that record. 


To bring information into a checkbox field, utilize 1 for checked qualities, and 0 for unchecked qualities. 

Default Values

For picklist, multi-select picklist, and checkbox fields, in the event that you are not doing the planning accurately with the field in the import wizard, the default an incentive for the field, if there is any, that will consequently be embedded into the new or refreshed record.

Date/Time Fields

Ensure that the configuration of any date/time fields you are going to import coordinates how they show in Salesforce per your locale setting.

Recipe Fields

Formula fields can't acknowledge imported information since they are perused as it were.

Field Validation Rules

Salesforce runs approval rules on records before they are imported. Records that bomb approval are not imported. Consider deactivating the worthy approval rules before running an import in the event that they influence the records you are bringing in.

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Geolocation Custom Fields

To import a geolocation custom field utilizing the information Import Wizard, gracefully two qualities: a scope and a longitude. Import the two qualities in a single field, isolated by a semicolon. On the off chance that you enter just 1 worth, it is imported in light of the fact that the scope, and in this manner the longitude is deciphered as 0. In the event that you flexibly very two qualities, the import falls flat for the total column.

Cash Fields

If you have Currency related data in your CSV document, position your qualities for your region. For example, in the event that you are inside the U.S. area, use periods for decimals and commas for a thousand markers. Utilizing the wrong money configuration could change your imported qualities.


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