Marketing Cloud Overview in 2024

This article explores Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the exclusive Einstein-powered marketing platform built on the world's most trusted CRM. Designed to foster lasting customer relationships, it provides the capability to better understand your audience and personalize offers across various channels. Let's dive into the core Salesforce Marketing Cloud Studios and discover how to optimize customer experience.

According to the Salesforce report, 80% of marketers recognize customer experience's significance, akin to products or services. Additionally, 61% of customers project increased online engagement post-pandemic, highlighting the sustained shift to digital channels. Salesforce Marketing Cloud acts as a cloud-based marketing solution leveraging the world's #1 CRM platform, offering businesses a suite of tools for personalized interactions, customer journey management, email marketing, mobile messaging, social media management, advertising, and analytics, all within a single integrated platform.

Let's explore various Salesforce Marketing Cloud Studios, each with its unique capabilities:

  • Email Studio
  • Mobile Studio
  • Automation Studio
  • Journey Builder
  • Contact Builder
  • Einstein
  • Advertising Studio
  • Datorama and Tableau

Email Studio

At the heart of Salesforce Marketing Cloud's capabilities is Email Studio, a powerful tool designed to facilitate the creation and deployment of personalized emails utilizing data from Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and more. Serving as an indispensable resource for marketers, Email Studio empowers users to send a diverse range of emails, whether triggered, transactional, or promotional, spanning from basic newsletters to extensive campaigns. This robust email marketing solution within Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides a comprehensive suite of tools for crafting, sending, and tracking email campaigns, enabling targeted messaging that aligns with customer data and behavior. The main dashboard of Email Studio serves as the central hub for managing these functionalities, offering a user-friendly interface for efficient email campaign management.

Here is how the main dashboard looks like:

The Email Studio Content tab serves as a comprehensive space for creating, editing, and previewing email messages before deploying them in customer journeys. It provides a valuable opportunity to conduct test sends, allowing a glimpse of how the content will appear in your audience's inboxes. The Subscriber tab grants access to the master list, All Subscribers, and housing records for the Email Studio account. Additionally, it facilitates access to subscriber lists and data extensions, crucial for audience data storage, segmentation, and personalization in marketing campaigns. Exploring various filtering capabilities within the Subscribers tab enhances segmentation strategies.

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Email Studio Interactions encompasses communications and data processes vital for nurturing customer relationships. A/B Testing, a key feature, enables market testing by sending two versions to test audiences and selecting the version with the highest engagement for wider distribution. This iterative testing approach, coupled with automation, optimizes email campaigns, delivering more targeted and relevant messages efficiently.

For tracking performance, Email Studio provides detailed insights into critical metrics such as opens, clicks, undeliverable messages, and more. The ability to capture forwarding data and create subscriber lists from tracking information aids in monitoring performance. Notably, Marketing Cloud retains tracking data throughout the contract lifespan.

The admin tab provides a centralized location to delve into specific Email Studio account settings, offering detailed insights and control over configurations to ensure optimal functionality and performance.

Mobile Studio

Broadening your impact and reaching customers on the devices they use most frequently, Mobile Studio enables effective connection through tailored mobile messaging. This streamlined process engages customers on their smart devices, facilitating personalized delivery of SMS, MMS, push notifications, and in-app messages.

Automation Studio

Automation Studio is an advanced application tailored for the seamless execution of multi-step marketing and data management activities. This dynamic tool operates in real-time, triggered, or scheduled modes, automating crucial processes such as email sends, queries, imports, and more precisely when required. Automation Studio empowers businesses to optimize marketing workflows efficiently. This Studio elevates automated marketing campaigns amid expanding data sources. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), a fundamental element of data integration in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. ETL processes streamline the collection, transformation, and loading of data from diverse sources into the platform, ensuring efficient data transfer, necessary transformations, and seamless integration into the Marketing Cloud environment. This robust mechanism plays a pivotal role in upholding data accuracy, consistency, and relevance, contributing to smooth operations within the platform. The collaboration of Automation Studio and ETL processes not only enhances marketing automation but also establishes a comprehensive solution for sophisticated data management within Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Journey Builder

Journey Builder is designed for crafting and automating personalized customer journeys across diverse channels in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This tool allows you to map out various paths based on customer behavior or demographic data, fostering more tailored and targeted interactions. Serving as a campaign planning tool, Journey Builder empowers marketers to design and automate campaigns guiding customers through their brand journey. At its core is the journey, a communication plan created within the platform. Canvas activities within Journey Builder dictate communication and direction to contacts as they progress through the journey, continually evaluating when to transition them to the next activity.

It's essential to note that while Journey Builder is powerful, it doesn't operate in isolation. Leveraging content and audiences established in Email Studio, Mobile Studio, Social Studio, Advertising Studio, Content Builder, and Contact Builder within Marketing Cloud, Journey Builder utilizes these components to execute its functions. The user interface provides features such as Journey Folders for organized storage, a comprehensive list of journeys with status and performance indicators, a search function, the ability to create new journeys or leverage templates, and insights into entry sources and journey history.

Additionally, Journey Templates offer predefined, editable journeys with contextual guidance, providing a valuable starting point aligned with common use cases and marketing best practices. This amalgamation of features makes Journey Builder a pivotal tool for orchestrating sophisticated and effective customer journeys within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

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This article is prepared by our certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant Anna Metsik-Peshko.

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