Top 6 Salesforce Winter ’21 Features to Enhance Your Sales Results for CPQ

Hello Everyone! It’s that time of the year again when the buzz is around the Winter ‘21 feature releases for. In this blog, we are going to focus on the major changes and enhancements that have been brought upon CPQ.

The Winter ’21 release is going to be by far the most productive patch for Sales Reps, as it brings up major advancements for Sales Cloud and CPQ.

Here are the Top 6 Winter ’21 features for CPQ that helps Sales Rep’s sell better

Helping Sales Reps with Product Recommendations

The CPQ Product Recommendations Plug-in is an efficient way of providing your Sales Reps with complementary products that augment or add value to the products that are presently on quotes. Now a new button is presented on the quote line editor to help your sales reps add the recommended products to a quote, swiftly.


Right on the Plug-in tab present on the editor settings, select the Product Recommendations Plug-in. Now select the ‘Add Recommendations’ button present in the quote line editor, finally enable the ‘Add Recommendations’ custom action button.

It is recommended that you provide your own level of implementation for the plugin interface. This way, you can utilize a third-party service or create your own recommendation engine.


This Winter ’21 feature is available on Lightning Experience and Classic in all CPQ editions.

Dynamically Control Quote Fields

Now you can customize the quote fields that are shown in the quote line editor dynamically so that the sales reps only see the fields that are needed. This Winter ’21 feature helps your Sales Reps to cut the clutter and dive into the required information and save time by only showing quote fields that are relevant to specific territories, products, or business units. You can now create any custom field with the show or hide quote fieldsets dynamic options.

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Create a custom field and enter a name. In the API name field, replace the auto-populated name with HeaderFieldSetName.

Set the field type to Picklist to handover user’s control of the fields. You can populate the options with the API names of fieldsets. Add a new custom field for your fieldset and save it -this way, the user’s fieldset is displayed on the header section of the quote line editor.

To gain control over the fields that are displayed with a formula, set the field type to the formula. This way, you can create a formula to resolve the API name of the fieldset. Using these API names for the fieldsets, you can include the quote fields that you want to display.


This Winter ’21 feature is available on Lightning Experience and Classic in all CPQ editions.

Validation to Ensure Unique Values for Number Field

This Winter ’21 feature for CPQ is to ensure data like correct prices, order number, etc. This new validation ensures that values on the Number field for the quote lines are always unique. This new validation skips all the lines with a null value.


This Number field (API name Number__c, on the SBQQ.QuoteLine object) determines the order of the lines in any quote or any quote line group. The field can now be manipulated or populated automatically by automation, custom code, or other means. Before this, only two or more quote lines could have a similar Number value, which resulted in inaccurate transposition or pricing of data among lines.


This Winter ’21 feature is available on Lightning Experience and Classic in all CPQ editions.

Sell Add-On Products on Amendments

This is one of the fascinating Winter ’21 features for CPQ. It allows your sales reps to sell add-on products and prevents them from creating any amendments that start with dates before any start date of an existing amendment. The Spring ’20‘s backdated amendment restriction introduced is now updated to allow the subscriptions or add-on products on the amendment quotes.

Before this, if any sales rep included a new subscription or product, the restrictions automatically blocked the amendment quotes from being saved.


To access this update to the backdated amendment restriction, make sure to use the Winter ’21 release.


This Winter ’21 feature is available on Lightning Experience and Classic in all CPQ editions.

Connect CPQ to B2B Commerce

With the Winter ’21 feature for CPQ, Cross-cloud solution kits can now help you tackle some complex use cases that can cause customer dissatisfaction. Leverage CPQ to its fullest potential by using the CPQ Connector to integrate CPQ billing with B2B Commerce.

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Permissions for Activating Order Products

Now with this Winter ’21 feature for CPQ, when ‘Enable Usage-Based Pricing’ is active for CPQ package setting, activating any order product now requires the ‘Read permissions’ on the consumption rates, consumption schedules, order product consumption rates, and order product consumption schedules.

Before, these permissions were only required when activating an order product related to a product with a consumption schedule.


This Winter ’21 feature is available on Lightning Experience and Classic in all CPQ editions.

These are the top 6 Winter ’21 features for CPQ that promises to get your pulse racing as the Sales Reps push the boundaries and reap in the rewards. Stay tuned to get new updates and highlights on the Winter ’21 release.


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