Pardot Activities

How to Show Pardot Activities in Salesforce?

Introduction on Showing the Pardot Activities in Salesforce

Do you think it is necessary to keep Pardot Email Activities in Salesforce?  

This post will provide you with an outline of the various possibilities as well as the main benefits and drawbacks.  

Let us quickly read about what the experts have to say on this… 

Salesforce Pardot Activities

If you have the Salesforce Connector installed, Pardot Prospect Activities like form submissions, email opens, and page views will appear on the Prospect’s matching Lead/Contact record in Salesforce org. 

For Lightning users, you may use the Engagement History Lightning Component.

Engage History 6+

Email Activities are More in-depth Here

As stated earlier, these sections of the Contact/Lead record will contain a trail of all Prospect Activities. These entries, however, are simply superficial. In contrast to Salesforce Activities, which are records in their own right, they are not actual records. 

Nevertheless, there is one exception that many people are confused about: Email Activities. 

This also solves a frequently asked topic: “Why am I only seeing email-related activity and not others?” (In the form of Salesforce Activities) 

The simplest answer could be: For all list, autoresponder, and one-to-one emails, enable this option in the Salesforce Connector settings (from Pardot). 

Another important and common question is: What steps do I need to take to allow Email Activities? 

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Let us try and answer this in a simpler manner:  

Do you think Navigating to Admin could help?  

Connectors need to change Salesforce Connector settings 

  • Look for the connector in the list, then click on the cog on the right.  
  • Choose ‘Edit’ from the drop-down menu.  
Salesforce Connector
  • There is a collapsible menu called ‘Email Logging’ on the Connector Preferences page. 
  • There’s a checkbox for the setting: ‘Sync emails with the CRM’ when you expand it. And there you go! 
Connector Preferences page

Even though you can sync Pardot email sends to Salesforce, is this the best option? 

One simple click has far-reaching consequences. 

It’s either all or nothing when it comes to email logging. You can’t select which types of Pardot emails you want to sync with the CRM (one-to-one emails vs. autoresponders). 

In such a situation, let’s weigh the disadvantages (storage) against the benefits (insight). 

Let us talk about both in detail… 

The Drawbacks: Storage

Prospect Activities are read-only when they’re exhibited skin-deep (through Visualforce/Engagement History Component). They will contribute to your Salesforce org data limit and account clutter if saved as Activity entries. 

The storage calculations in Salesforce are not simple but here’s what you need to know: 

  • 20MB/user for Enterprise Edition and lower 
  • 120MB/user for Performance & Unlimited Edition in Salesforce, each Activity record is 2KB in size. If the org just had Activity records, you’d only have enough room for 10,000 records per member. And you need to take a look at how quickly this builds up. 

Any changes to the connector setting (ticking/unticking) are not retroactive, which means that if you disable the sync, you’ll still have to deal with the leftovers.  

This is why it’s crucial to keep in mind before making any hasty judgments. 

The Benefits: Knowledge 

Is it possible that archiving emails has a business benefit in your case? If you need to use Salesforce Reporting and additional features on the Activity object, using Salesforce Activity records is undoubtedly the best option. 

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Final Words on Showing Pardot Activities in Salesforce: 

‘Should Pardot Email Activities be kept in Salesforce?’ is a question that has bothered most of us, especially when it comes to Pardot Email Activities. It’s now up to you to weigh the options based on your business case and needs. 

Considering the following questions could surely help you make an informed decision:  

How many Pardot engagements are you sending out?  

When your employees look at the Activity History-related list in Salesforce, what do they want to see?  

Do you require Salesforce Reports’ reporting flexibility? 

If you can answer these questions correctly, you may be able to find the ideal option for your team. And if you still need expert tips, we are happy to help you.


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