Become a Salesforce Developer

How to Become a Salesforce Developer? Here are the Tips to Consider

The certification and qualification of a Salesforce developer is a lengthy, rigorous task, but an incredibly fruitful one, nonetheless. It is one of the fastest growing jobs in the IT sector, with the immense growth of Salesforce itself over the decades. 

Salesforce developer prerequisites include the right knowledge required to develop, optimize and manage the custom-developed apps within Salesforce. These applications allow businesses and enterprises to achieve their company goals and build strong relationships with their customers.  

Salesforce is among the trending and evolving SaaS platforms that have created over 1.9 billion jobs within the IT industry. The frequent adoption of Salesforce amongst enterprises and evolving small businesses has created a forceful impact. Nevertheless, companies can effectively adapt to this rapidly changing technology landscape, while keeping costs in check, with Salesforce Staff Augmentation. We’ve listed down a few basic steps to becoming a skilled Salesforce development professional

1. Earn the Salesforce Admin Certifications

Starting off the journey with the most important factor, creating a solid foundation and understanding of Salesforce programming. The Salesforce Admin certificate allows engineers to learn theoretical skills along with guidance on how to implement these tacts in real-world examples. Thorough learning is required to ensure all the initial basic concepts are well adapted, creating a rock-solid foundation for further specialization. A Salesforce developer is required to gain the following certifications: 

  • Salesforce Certified Administrator
  • Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator
  • Salesforce Certified App Builder
  • Service Cloud Consultant
  • Sales Cloud Consultant

2. Get Platform Developer I (PDI) Certification

To further strengthen your learnings and to fill in the knowledge gaps within your previous certifications, Salesforce developers are encouraged to qualify for the Platform Developer I (PDI) Certifications. This credential and certificate allow the development and deployment of the Lightning Platform's user interface. Moreover, Salesforce provides effective learning materials and resources on its website for engineers to benefit from.

3. Practice your way to perfection 

Achieving a certificate is one thing, and making the most of it is another. After getting your PDI credentials, practice as much as you can in order to perfect your ways with Salesforce. Try to integrate the features of Salesforce within your daily tasks and learn all the nitty gritty to get an edge with the system itself.  

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4. Become a Scrum Master

Before making an official entry in the Salesforce industry keep yourself up to date on all the terminologies and basic abbreviations that are common amongst professionals. These terms include words like Scrum, sprint, backlog, and so on. An updated vocabulary will give you a quick start and create a smooth communication flow between you and your team in the future. 

5. Join Salesforce StackExchange

To enhance your Salesforce developer skills, even more, engage with the industry experts and get insights on all the top queries and their answers. For that, Salesforce StackExchange is the perfect platform where you can ask questions and get the best technical advice on all matters concerning Salesforce. Moreover, the platform is pre-populated with important queries from the past with their answers, allowing you to build an understanding and improve your professional skill set.

6. Join the Salesforce Developer Community 

It’s officially time to join the Trailblazers! The well-known community flaunted by Salesforce itself, the Salesforce Trailblazer Community is the perfect way for you to build connections, socialize and find projects! Trailblazers from all over the world gather up and build a relationship with their fellow Salesforce developers which is a big plus for someone who is eager to learn and grow their professional career as a Salesforce developer. 

Furthermore, these connections will help you attend the right courses, build your certifications and gain the right knowledge you need with changing times. The trailblazer community will also be your mentor, guiding you through all your projects if you get stuck and helping you think beyond the scope of basic tasks and activities involving Salesforce.

7. Work it out!

You’ve got to figure out your weaknesses within the Salesforce platform and activities. No one expects you to be 100% on your game in the very beginning. It's okay to take your time in learning the skill by practicing rigorously, but one should always make mistakes only to learn from them. 

Figure out your pain points and work on them till there aren’t any old mistakes to ponder upon, and your concept is crystal clear. A clear concept means that you can move forward with new learning materials with a clear understanding of the previous ones. 

Top Skills of a Skilled Salesforce Developer

To be an effective and skilled Salesforce developer, you must be on top of the following skills: 

  • Effective practice in programming and coding.
  • Well-revised communication skills
  • Detail-oriented analytical capabilities
  • Overcome challenges and bugs
  • Practical and logical thinking

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How long does it take to become a Salesforce developer?

It takes roughly about 14-16 months to fully develop your skill and become a Salesforce developer. From completing the Salesforce Admin certification, which takes about 3-4 months, to clearing the PDI examination and training session, which takes about 5-6 months. Then it takes further 6 months to fully absorb the knowledge and acquire the Salesforce Consulting skills.

Can you become a Salesforce developer with no experience?

The only requirement for becoming a Salesforce developer is their verified certifications. That’s the key for you to land a job within the Salesforce industry. Though, you may have to start with junior roles to gain experience for a prominent job.


Becoming a Salesforce developer is a top-notch skill that you would be adding to your CV. Not only is a Salesforce developer's skill one of the most sought after, but it also has tremendous potential to turn into something even better. The roles assigned are never restricted to a single field, and there is always a chance of growth, thanks to the massive and ever-evolving platform of Salesforce.


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