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If your fundraising team is spending hours monthly to manually import and export data from the increasing payment providers, then they are definitely doing it all wrong. Each day countless fundraisers would be living this ultimate irony instead of using an integrated CRM payment solution for nonprofits.

Fundraisers should spend more time creating personal touchpoints with donors. Instead, they are spending more time on basic tasks like data management. All this time could be better spent cultivating paramount donor relationships.

This is the time when your data is your donor. So, you cannot afford to miss out on tracking any information that could bring you closer to your donors. With donors using multiple payment solutions like PayPal, Apple Pay, or cryptocurrency, you need to find a way to manage all these channels together; and an integrated CRM payment solution can help you do it.

Major Benefits of Integrated CRM Payment Solutions

To manage and streamline fundraising, it is important for nonprofits to use a payment solution that integrates with their end-to-end fundraising platform.

The key is to use an integrated solution using Salesforce for nonprofits to align all the payment solutions managed by fundraisers together. Let’s dive deeper into the major benefits that an integrated CRM payment solution can offer.

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1. Automatic Payment Data Transfer from NPSP to Salesforce

The integrated solution will give you unified payment data that can be populated in Salesforce without manual imports. This will be helpful for you in many ways.

  • You just have to manage one solution for one-time payments, wallets, online banking, subscription payments, etc.
  • This allows direct debits that can be collected from banks on given payment schedules.
  • You can access real-time insights into Gift Aid declarations without any manual uploads.

Along with these benefits, it also helps to minimize the risk of human error drastically.

2. Access a Holistic View of Income Across Diverse Payment Methods

Integrated payments would allow you to track and manage all of your payment methods in a single unified view. You can access a 360-degree view of these all together in Salesforce dashboards.

  • You can view, compare, and contrast income and cost data.
  • If working across multiple countries, you can get real-time actional payment data from each region.

It will simplify donation management, irrespective of geographical boundaries.

3. Real-Time Reconciliation

The integrated payment solution does not just allow you to demonstrate to your fellow fundraisers how you’re optimizing the ROI but you can also remove the difficult task of manual reconciliation.

With Accounting Subledger, you can easily prepare the fundraising data from your accounting system by connecting two systems so you can save time by accessing only a single source of truth.

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4. Better Digital Donor Experiences

You do not have to keep your donors waiting for acknowledgment for their donation. Integrated solutions allow the automated import of donor data to enable smooth onboarding of new donors and quick acknowledgments on receiving donations.

Upgrade Your Fundraising with Integrated CRM Payment Solution

Give your fundraisers the ease to manage all diverse payment solutions in a single view. Upgrade your donation management system by integrating payment solutions and speed up the fundraising and acknowledgment process.


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