Grant Management System

Grant Management System in Salesforce

Grant Management in Salesforce is a component of the non-profit-making Success Pack (NPSP), within which Salesforce grants 10 free licenses to any or all eligible nonprofits as a part of its Power of us Program.  

Features/Benefits of Salesforce Grants Managements

Connect Grants and Programs – Organizations use Salesforce’s grant management package to connect programs and grants. With some equal knowledge, grants and program managers will go through funding requests, grant stages, schedule payments, disbursements & balances, and manage grants throughout the funding cycle. 

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Streamline the Applying Method – Grantmakers will customise grant aplications supported every funding opportunity’s distinctive desires employing a pre-built model. for every personal grant, the granter will send customized invites to the organizations that they suppose would be a perfect alternative. when the applications area unit submitted, they're kept in Salesforce, thus representatives get a full report on every recipient, and groups will additional simply collaborate and review the knowledge later. 

Upgrade the Grantee Experience - Finding and applying for scholarships takes a lot of time and resources for finding the targeted goal. Grantmakers create it easier for them to seek out and apply for funding opportunities and think about application standing via a customized scholarship portal. Grantees can use the portal to submit latest progress reports, review incomplete payments, and see what conditions to expect before receiving a grant. 

Gain a Holistic Read of Due Diligence – Watch out before deciding that nonprofit partners to take a position in. Grantmakers can select from pre-installed templates that can be changed according to program, grant size, budget, and more. Past verification checks area unit mechanically saved, thus grants managers don’t ought to repeat the method once a previous mortal applies. They even have historical context for why partners weren't funded before. 

Easy Reporting – Grantmakers gather several knowledge, and that they will place it to sensible use whereas acting on Salesforce. With pre-built reports, they'll quickly and simply get a thought of their grant program while not involving the IT team or worrying regarding out-of-date knowledge.

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Roles in the Grants Management System 

Admin – Admin stands for Administrator, somebody who configures the org. 

Grantmaker – Grantmaker is that person who performs grantmaking duties, as well as reviewing funding requests and fixing disbursements. It is a general term for internal grants management users, however they'll have completely different positions in your organization. 

Grantseeker – Somebody outside your organization who applies for funding from your organization. They can visit your portal and apply to funding programs. 

Grantee – Somebody outside of the organization who receives funds from your organization. 


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