How AI Will Improve CRM in 2019

Customer relationship management (CRM) is one of the fields that stands to benefit the most from the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) in 2019. This is because at its core, CRM is all about the effective and efficient management/arrangement of information for the main purpose of addressing customer concerns. This involves the collation, pre-processing, and analysis of customer and business data in order to provide a personalized service. As the AI becomes further integrated into CRM, the potential for an improved operation is huge.

Salesforce CRM is a continuously evolving set of products that are specifically designed to integrate AI into sales and marketing departments. Through the use of AI to interpret a company’s data, CRM systems can be automated to perform a wide range of tasks. This can aid various teams and departments with specific work processes, cut long-term costs, and ultimately improve relationships with customers.

All of this starts with automated data capturing. Rather than physically entering information, ERP News reports on how AI-powered CRM tools will do this automatically and intelligently for businesses. This is how the Saleforce Einstein Platform works. Powered by AI, Einstein automatically collates all available and relevant data from the unique business processes of a company. This allows it to provide effective engagement systems for understanding and addressing customer concerns and behavior.

There’s no big secret to how this is all possible through one CRM tool — Salesforce is powered by machine learning-enabled AI. The application of machine learning is what allows the AI to shift gears and make smart decisions on the fly, For instance, in terms of customer/client engagement, there’s no limit to what machine learning-enabled AI can do for customization and prioritization.

Techwire Asia sheds a light on how an AI engine can not only locate potential clients/customers, but also tell a company how, when, and in what way those leads should be approached by your company. This includes prioritizing leads, which can tell a sales team which leads are most likely willing to do business. While nothing compares to the human instincts of a veteran sales team when it comes to pursuing leads, answering queries, and closing deals, the capabilities of such a team could be pushed even further through the help of multi-tiered AI-powered CRM software.

Thanks to these AI-powered advances in today’s CRM tools, digital marketing is fast becoming the preferred way for companies to address customer concerns. As one of the fastest growing industries in the world, digital marketing is well on its way to replacing the traditional methods of advertising and customer interaction. Maryville University explains how digital advertising spending alone will grow to $335 billion by 2020, and surpass televised advertising. A lot of this can be attributed to the inherent interactivity that digital marketing brings to the table. Digital marketing methods allow clients and customers to respond immediately to the advertising. This in turn allows companies to gather more valuable data for the ongoing development of CRM-related AI. This can then help Salesforce Einstein make more profitable and accurate predictions. Data analytics powers business, and business powers data analytics — a never-ending process that today is streamlined by machine learning AI.

Furthermore, thanks to AI, this type of marketing is more accessible than ever before to entrepreneurs seeking to grow their business. The Salesforce package called AI Buddy allows virtually anyone to start customizing business apps and even Einstein AI models on their own — even without any actual knowledge of software coding. All you need to start customizing AI processes is a deep understanding of your own essential business processes. From there, AI Buddy can assist with building and refining a company’s own CRM tools.

AI is here to stay and it’s developing at a rapid pace. Whether through data collection, lead engagement and management, client servicing, product usage, or business analytics, AI has the potential to take your CRM to newer and more profitable heights.

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