AI Buddy App for Salesforce Einstein

AI Buddy – An Einstein Assistant is Live Now

AI Buddy is Salesforce Manage Package App. AI Buddy is a friend of Einstein. It allows you to work with Einstein in admin style. You need to just click and go. Start building your AI system with Einstein in an easy way without coding.

AI Buddy will save your time and money for sure.  The app allows you to be an expert in Einstein AI in fewer efforts.


What makes AI Buddy special for Einstein. Why is AI Buddy a friend of Einstein?

1. Create Dataset in easy steps with just passing the Dataset URLs.2. Start training of your Models with just One click.3. Get Training Status and setting in AI Buddy4. Test your Models on AI Buddy4. See API Usage5. Saves your time and Money6. A person without coding knowledge can start building Einstein AI Models.

Be the champ of Einstein AI with AI Buddy.

Read and Learn About Salesforce Einstein in a very easy way from here.

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