What AI Capabilities does Salesforce brings to you?

What AI Capabilities does Salesforce brings to you?

AI or Artificial Intelligence is the technology of this era and is giving a new shape and level to customer’s expectations. Now, AI has entered everywhere, including our day to day life. Artificial intelligence is all about having machines that can work and process data just like humans. AI has a big impact on the way in which we are leading our lives. Artificial intelligence is nothing else but is just machine learning.  Today, AI is a hot topic and Salesforce CRM is also providing AI based services to its users.

This article is about the collaboration between Salesforce and the AI. Here, we will discuss artificial intelligence and how Salesforce brings necessary AI capabilities to almost everyone who needs it.

A Brief Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Natural language processing, predictive analysis, and data discovery are some of the key areas on which every company is focusing these days. These all are like artificial intelligence that has brought major changes in human life. AI has become part of our life due to its below-listed features:

  • It can improve the processing power at a great rate, even the performance has been increased by trillion-fold over the last 60 years.
  • Data processing cost has become down
  • Today data has been increased and is coming from various business channels, so it has become vast and needs to be analyzed in the same way
  • Many consumer apps have been improved due to AI and even customers expect that companies will provide improved and personalized services to them either online or offline.

Today, in many forms AI is being used by us, when Facebook recommends to tag photos or recognize any image, then it is using AI similarly voice processing is also being implemented through AI.

AI-based Salesforce Products

Salesforce CRM is one of the topmost ones in the world and since its evolution, it has been continuously improved.  In the same line Salesforce has launched Salesforce Einstein product to ease the tasks of sales and marketing departments and is leaving no stone unturned, even the company has made many acquisitions like MetaMind, RelateIQ, PredictionIO so that it can create a product like Salesforce Einstein.

Einstein is powered by natural language processing, predictive analytics, machine learning, and smart data discovery. Einstein models are customized for each customer. Einstein can learn current customer behavior and predict their future behavior.

Salesforce Einstein Deployments

Salesforce Einstein has been deployed in many services like Sales cloud, service cloud, commerce cloud, Analytics cloud, and marketing cloud and other. Below-listed benefits are provided by this implementation:

Sales Cloud Einstein: This helps the sales team members in selling smartly by providing recommendations and predictions for the product. Even sales teams design and broadcast the campaigns based on these recommendations without being worried about individual preferences.

Salesforce Einstein helps the sales department of the companies at three levels, at the first level, it helps in record saving, while at second level it provides engagement system to the companies and at the third level, it works as the predictive system for the companies.

Service Cloud:  Contact centers can get the customer contact in real-time. There are three ways that are turning the service easier, these are Einstein Supervisor, Einstein case management and Intelligent mobile services.

Here Einstein supervisor enables data fetching in real-time that ease tasks of service agents so that they can take smarter actions. Einstein case management helps in handling cases in real-time and they are evaluated and classified as and when they arrive.While intelligent mobile service helps the employees in providing personalized and customized service to the customers. Sophisticated apps are used by the mobile apps to optimize scheduling and routing.

Marketing through Einstein: Einstein helps in providing predictive marketing journey easily and due to this relevant content is timely delivered to the right person through the right channel. The three advantages that marketing professionals get through this are predictive scores, predictive audience and automated and scheduled offer sending management.

Predictive scores help in knowing the customer behavior, they can know what factors are considered and how the customer needs can be fulfilled. Predictive audience feature helps in making audience groups that are of similar behavior, this behavior of Einstein is based on AI. Automated and scheduled message delivery can increase the ROI of the organizations.

Community Cloud Einstein: Community cloud Einstein helps the groups in identifying and providing automatic suggestions to groups and relevant experts. Even proper content can be served to relevant members so that they can get engaged in the community. In this way, customers get the relevant content as when required. Useful information is also delivered timely to the relevant user. Content also have likes, views, and comments so that readers can know which is relevant and popular content.

Analytic Cloud Einstein: Hidden data facts can be found through Analytics cloud. Best sales, marketing and service action can be delivered by analyzing variables and information. Behavior patterns can also be identified that is known as hypothesis-driven results that help the user in providing optimized services, even in presence of huge data.

App Cloud Einstein: Intelligence can be embedded in the building process. In this way, predictive apps have been created for both employees and customers. AI-powered apps like image recognition and other can be developed and used by the organizations. Salesforce apps have converged data science, data management and many modern apps that can eventually be used to build next generation apps.

IoT Cloud Einstein: Connected devices are being used by almost everyone so there is the need to develop IoT technology. Even soon our home will also get connected through IoT technologies. Technology is making the homes and devices smarter and well-connected. Through Salesforce IoT cloud Einstein customers can get connected even in real-time from anywhere. Salesforce IoT cloud can use a variety of features like PredictionIO, Predictive score, recommend next best action, that can be realized easily by any customer or client. Even next best action can be recommended as well for any connected device.Final Words

Salesforce is an innovative CRM that keeps on updating and provide innovative and growing platforms and solutions. For the same reason, Einstein suggested and advised Einstein platform so that the Salesforce users can use AI features and avail its benefits from within the Salesforce platform. Even you can enhance your career as the Salesforce professional.

Professionals can enhance and shape their career as Salesforce professionals as well by practicing Einstein as it has been adopted by a number of organizations. Salesforce dominates all other CRM applications and provides your company a better place to live in.

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