Syncing Business card data to Salesforce

Syncing Business card data to Salesforce . .

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Industry estimates hardly 30% of business cards received, enter into Salesforce, why ??

Salesforce is one of the most Popularly used CRM and has evolved over years into a robust tool for customer management. However, like any other CRM, the success of the solution is derived from the amount of data that goes into the CRM and this where the pain point arises.

Business cards are the most common source of customer data and updating this data onto Salesforce is a major road block as it takes at least 3 minutes to capture all relevant information from the card.Imagine a scenario where a sales person accumulates 50 cards and that translates to 2.5 hours of data entry work.It is because of this reason that sales people shy away from capturing data on Salesforce and either update few cards or postpone it to another day.

Bric APP  Solves this problem with just a 10-second engagement with the APP by facilitating direct sync of business cards scanned on to a Salesforce account instantly.The user just needs to login to their Salesforce account through Bric APP, set their Sync preferences to the respective account or leads and set it.The user can either set auto sync of each card scanned or manually select & sync specific cards to their SF Account.

Bric APP commits to a 99.9% data accuracy of business cards through its optional back end human transcription and also syncs data to Google, Phone-book, MS Outlook along with a web dashboard.

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Bric Enterprise is the corporate version for teams with all the features as above along with a centralized master repository of cards with admin access.

  Each business card is a potential customer, Secure it with Bric!

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