Apps and Tabs in Salesforce

Here's All You Need to Learn About Apps and Tabs in Salesforce


Apps in Salesforce are little extra than a container for all of the objects, tabs, and other functionality. It is a team of tabs that works as a unit to grant the application’s functionality. It consists sincerely of a name, an emblem, and an ordered set of tabs. The easiest app carries solely one tab i.e the Home Tab and a default logo. 

Standard Apps

The apps come with each and every occasion of Salesforce by way of default. It consists of App Launcher, Call Center, Community, Content, Marketing, Sales, Salesforce Chatter and These apps can be custom-made in accordance with the wants and necessities of an organization. 

The label and description of a standard app can’t be changed. 

Custom Apps

Apps that are specially created to fit a company's unique demands and specifications in terms of business operations are known as custom apps. By combining both common and unique tabs, one can create personalized apps. 

It is possible to add a logo to custom apps and change it later. 

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Console Apps

For users to be able to utilize the program effectively, console apps are created and built to offer an excellent UI experience. It is mostly utilized in fast-paced sales and service scenarios where consumers can use a variety of capabilities simultaneously on a single window without needing to reload the entire page. 

It offers partial refreshing, which updates the tabs that have been changed without refreshing the entire page. It may have tabs for Visualforce Pages, Softphone, LiveAgent (Chat), and possibly more tabs as well. 

Access to frequently used data and functionalities is made available by console apps. On a single screen, users can view records and items related to them. Additionally, it enables us to work on several things at once. 


In Salesforce, tabs allow users to quickly scan the information. 

UI component which gives you to access a particular functionality. 

Types of Tabs

There are mainly five types of tabs: 

1)  Standard Object Tabs  - It can be used to display information found in standard objects. 

 2)  Custom Object Tabs Custom object tabs seem to be characteristic simply like standard tabs. 

 3)  Web Tabs - Any external web-based application and web page in Salesforce. 

 4)  Lightning Page Tabs - Let you add lightning pages to the Salesforce navigation menu  

 5) Visualforce Tabs - Last but not least, Visualforce tabs can be used to access data on the Visualforce page. 

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Tab Visibility

Default On: If the tab visibility is set to Default On, it will show up on the top bar alongside the other tabs that are visible. 

Default Off: Users can still access the tab if the tab visibility is set to Default off by clicking on the “+ “ symbol at the end of all visible tabs on the top bar   

Tab Hidden: By hiding a tab, it will neither appear on the top bar nor when you click on the “+” sign. 


It is important to explore various tabs in salesforce to generate astonishing results. You will gain in-depth knowledge once you start using them. 



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